How to Add Channels to Hulu Favorites

The Hubs tab holds all the channels and from there you can pick and choose your faves

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What to Know

  • From Hulu's menu: Hubs tab > find the channels you wish to add > three dots on the channel > add to My Stuff.
  • For Live TV, though, your channels added to My Stuff will appear on your My Channels page, as well.

This article explains how to add channels to your favorites on Hulu.

How to Add Channels to Favorites

If you're not a Live TV subscriber, you can access your favorite channels in your My Stuff tab. If you are a Live TV subscriber, the channels you've got added to My Stuff will appear in your My Channels page as well as in My Stuff.

  1. From Hulu's main page, head to the Hubs tab at the top of the screen.

    The Hubs tab highlighted on Hulu's site.
  2. From the Hubs tab, you can add channels to your favorites directly, or you can open up the A-Z list of all channels on Hulu, first.

    The button to View All channels highlighted on Hulu's site.

    The three-dot menu appears on every channel tile in the Hub tab, but you may not be able to find the channel you're looking for in particular unless you visit the A-Z page in the Hub where you can find all the channels available on Hulu.

  3. Once you find the channel you'd like to add to your favorites, select the three dots on the top-right of the channel's tile image, and then add that channel to My Stuff.

    Adding a specific channel to My Stuff on Hulu's site.
  4. Access your favorite channels in your My Stuff tab via the top of the screen next to the Hubs tab.

  5. If you're a Live TV subscriber, channels added to your My Stuff tab will also appear in My Channels.

Hulu Favorites Tips & Tricks

Adding favorites is cumbersome and counterintuitive because you can't simply search for a particular channel via Hulu's search bar and access the menu to add a channel to your favorites. You have to start on the Hubs page.

However, if you'd like to add a particular show or movie to your My Stuff page for easy access later, you can do that directly by searching, clicking the three-dot menu on its tile image, and selecting the add to My Stuff option. The My Stuff page will house all your favorites on Hulu, not just your favorite channels.

Lastly, don't get confused if you don't see a page on Hulu called 'Favorites' specifically. Hulu doesn't have a proper area called 'Favorites', rather it's called My Stuff. When it comes to all of Hulu's content as a whole, channels added to My Stuff will also appear on your 'My Channels' page if you're a Live TV subscriber.

  • How much is Hulu Live TV?

    Hulu's Live TV option is only available as part of a bundle plan. You can get it with ad-inclusive tiers of Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ for $69.99 a month. You can also get it with Hulu (no ads), Disney+ (no ads), and ESPN+ (with ads) for $82.99.

  • Who owns Hulu?

    Until 2024, Hulu is co-owned by the Walt Disney Company and Comcast. Disney owns 2/3 of Hulu, while Comcast holds the rest.

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