How to Add BCC: Recipients to an Email in Yahoo! Mail

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BCC stands for "blind carbon copy", surely an archaic term if there ever was one. However, within the world of email, it means that the person who is bcc'd will see the email, but no other recipient will see their name. Thus, the bcc function can be used to send emails to multiple people without them knowing who else is receiving the email. The email address in the bcc field will be invisible to everyone else receiving the email. 

This article will teach you how to send out an emailing using bcc in Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Mail Classic, followed by some usage hints and a caveat.

Add BCC: Recipients to an Email in Yahoo! Mail

To send a message to Bcc: recipients from Yahoo! Mail:

  • Start with a new message by clicking the Compose button or pressing n.
  • Insert your email into section and write a subject line
  • Click CC (at the To line's right end).
  • Now click BCC.
  • Type the desired recipients' email addresses in the BCC field or click BCC to select addresses from your Yahoo! Mail address book.
  • OR, go to the Categories box in the top right. It has a drop-down list. Select the category (you MUST select Go afterward), and your entire list appears, with columns of boxes. Select from the BCC row and then insert contacts. If you wish to add more from another category, just go through the steps, from selecting the BCC onward, and those email addresses will pop into the BCC outgoing box. 
  • Continue composing your message.

Add BCC: Recipients to an Email in Yahoo! Mail Classic

To send a message to hidden Bcc: recipients in Yahoo! Mail Classic:

  • Click Compose to start a new message.
  • Click Add BCC (above the To: line).
  • Type the desired recipients' email addresses in the Bcc: field or click Bcc: to select addresses from your Yahoo! Mail address book.
    • Your message also needs at least one addressee in the To: line. If you want no recipient to be visible, you can enter your own Yahoo! Mail address in the To: field.
    • Continue composing your message.


If you're looking for security and privacy, using the BCC function may be an excellent solution. For instance, if you sending something impersonal but necessary, like an address change, you may want everyone to know but everyone may not necessarily know each other (no reason they have to see and scroll through all the names).

However, you're not fooling anyone. Virtually everyone knows this format and recognizes it as a mass mailing. So, if this is something personal, like an invitation to a party, you are undermining your cause by using an impersonal vehicle. Or, if this is business and perhaps a note to your boss, you are inviting your boss, or other co-workers, to feel exposed not knowing who else is receiving this email. Putting too many addresses in the BCC field can also get your email marked as spam on the other end, which means people may never see your mail.

And remember, utilizing the "Categories" function in Yahoo! Mail, you can send up to 99 emails at one time once an hour.