How to Add BCC Recipients to an Email in Yahoo Mail

Send an email privately using the BCC function in Yahoo Mail

Email being sent

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BCC stands for blind carbon copy. Within the context of an email, a person who is BCC'd sees the message, but no other recipient sees their name. Thus, the BCC function can be used to send emails to multiple people without them knowing who else is receiving the message.

Instructions in this article apply to the web versions of Yahoo Mail and the Yahoo Mail mobile app for Android and iOS.

How to BCC Recipients to a Message in Yahoo Mail

To BCC recipients to a message in Yahoo Mail:

  1. Select CC/BCC (to the right of the To field)

    CC/BCC link in Yahoo Mail

    In the Yahoo Mail mobile app, CC/BCC is under the To field. In Yahoo Mail Basic, the BCC field is visible while composing a message.

  2. Select the BCC field and enter the recipient's email address or select addresses from your Yahoo Mail address book.

    BCC field in Yahoo Mail

Your message must have at least one addressee in the To field. If you want no recipient to be visible, enter your Yahoo Mail address.

Why Use BCC?

The BCC function protects the privacy of email recipients. For instance, if sending a message about an address change, you may want everyone to know, but everyone in your contacts may not know each other. If sending something more personal, such as an invitation to a party, send individual messages. Using templates can make the process go faster.

Including too many addresses in the BCC field can get your email marked as spam on the other end, which means people may never see your mail.