How to Add Bcc Recipients in Outlook

Keep email addresses anonymous from other recipients

Bcc field enabled in Outlook on Windows 10 desktop

Using the Bcc field lets you send a copy of an email message to one or more recipients without revealing the other addresses to the other Bcc recipients.

Using the Bcc field works just like the To and Cc fields in Microsoft Outlook, but whether or not you should use Bcc depends on certain circumstances

The Bcc field is also useful for sending an email to undisclosed recipients in Outlook.

How to Add Bcc Recipients in Outlook

Here's how to add Bcc recipients in the newer versions of MS Outlook, like 2016:

  1. If you're composing a new message, click the Options ribbon at the top.

    Options button in Outlook New Message window

    To Bcc in Outlook when you're replying or forwarding a message, click Bcc from the Show Fields section in the Message ribbon menu, and then skip down to Step 3.

  2. From the Show Fields section, choose Bcc.

    Bcc field in Show Field section of Outlook
  3. The Bcc field will now show up under the To... and Cc... buttons.

  4. In the Bcc... field, enter recipients whose addresses you want to hide from other Bcc recipients.

Recent People section in Bcc field for Outlook

Make sure you enter at least one email address in the To… field; this can be your own address or anyone else's, but remember that whatever is in the To... field is visible to every recipient, even the Bcc ones.

You can skip these steps and enter an email address in the Bcc... field quickly by clicking the To... field when sending an email. From there, choose or more recipients that you want to Bcc, and then click Bcc -> from the bottom of the Select Names window. Finally, click OK to return to the message with the chosen email(s) in the Bcc... field.

If you're using Outlook 2007, you can Bcc recipients from the Options > Show Bcc setting. Outlook 2003 users can find the blind carbon copy option in the View > Bcc menu.