How to Add Bcc Recipients in Mac OS X Mail

Use the Bcc Field to Protect the Privacy of Your Recipients

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Sending the same email to a group of people who don't necessarily know one another is considered bad form because it doesn't respect the individuals' privacy concerns. They may not want strangers to have their email addresses. One way to protect the information is to enter their email addresses in the Bcc field. MacOS Mail lets you send emails to Bcc—blind carbon copy—recipients easily.

The Hidden Recipients

In the Bcc header field, you can add recipients who will get a blind carbon copy.

The other recipients of your message will not know that it was also delivered to recipients you put in the Bcc field.

By default, the Bcc field doesn't show when you open a new email screen in Apple's Mac OS X Mail. The Mail app in macOS shows only the To and Cc address fields.

Add Bcc Recipients in Mac OS X Mail

To send a message to Bcc recipients in Mac OS X Mail:

  1. Open a new email window in Mail.
  2. Select View > Bcc Address Field from the menu bar. You can also press ​Command+Option+B to toggle the Bcc field on and off in the header of the email.
  3. Type the Bcc recipient's email address in the Bcc field.

When you send the email, no one will see the recipients listed in the Bcc field. Even other recipients listed in the Bcc field can't see Bcc recipients. You can even leave the To field blank. When people receive your email, they will see Undisclosed recipients in the To field.

However, if someone on the Bcc list opts to Reply to All, then the people entered in the To and CC field will know that others were Bcc'd on the email—although they won't know who other than the person who replied to all of them.

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