Add Background Sound to an Email Message in IncrediMail

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In IncrediMail, adding background sound to a message is pretty easy. The email client comes with built-in sounds you can add to an email message. Or, you can add your own Wav and MIDI sound files to use in your email.

Music sets the tone, stirs emotions, and appeals to reason. Like sports events, shopping sprees, TV shows and festivities of every kind, your emails can gain from harmonious background music. IncrediMail 2.5 comes with character sounds, effects, MIDI songs, MIDI events, and quotes. You can get more sounds from their Gold Gallery.

Add Background Sound to an Email Message in IncrediMail

To make music play automatically in a message you send from IncrediMail:

  • Make sure the Style Box is open while you compose the message in IncrediMail.
    • If you cannot see the Style Box, select View | Open Style Box from the email's menu.
  • Go to the Sounds category.
  • Open the desired sound folder.
  • Click the sound you want to insert as background music.
  • To play the sound continuously in a loop:
    • Make sure Play repeatedly is checked in the music bar in your message.

To remove background music, follow the Remove link in your message's music bar.

Adding Custom Sound Files to IncrediMail

You can get additional sounds from IncrediMail by following the Get more... link in the Sound category of your Style Box, but you can also add your own MIDI and WAV files to be used as sounds and background music in your emails.