Add Music or Sound to PowerPoint Presentations

A man wearing headphones while sitting at a desk.

Bruce Mars/Pexels

Save sound or music files on your computer in a format that can be used in PowerPoint, such as MP3 or WAV files. Add these types of sound files ​to any slide in your presentation. And then, make sure the audio plays just the way you want.

Instructions in this article apply to PowerPoint 2019, PowerPoint 2016, PowerPoint 2013, PowerPoint 2010, PowerPoint 2019 for Mac, PowerPoint 2016 for Mac, PowerPoint for Mac 2011, PowerPoint for Office 365, and PowerPoint for Office 365 for Mac.

Add Audio Files to a PowerPoint Presentation

Use sound to enhance your presentation. Choose a background sound that sets the mood or play a recording of your voice to narrate the presentation.

  1. Select the slide where you want to add audio.

  2. Select Insert.

  3. Select Audio.

  4. Choose Audio on My PC to open the Insert Audio dialog box.

    Audio from your PC to PowerPoint
  5. Navigate to the folder that contains the audio file you want to insert.

  6. Choose the audio file and select Insert. A sound file icon is placed in the middle of the slide.

Examine and Test Sound or Music on a PowerPoint Slide

After you insert the sound or music selection on the PowerPoint slide, a sound icon appears. Use the controls on the sound icon to listen to the audio file.

  1. Select the Sound icon on the PowerPoint slide to display the audio controls.

  2. Choose Play/Pause to toggle between Play and Pause depending on which one is currently in use.

    Play/Pause button in PowerPoint
  3. Choose Move Back to rewind the sound by .25 seconds.

    Move Back audio button in PowerPoint
  4. Choose Move Forward to fast forward the sound by .25 seconds.

    Move Forward audio button in PowerPoint
  5. Choose Mute/Unmute to mute or unmute the sound once it is in play. Control the volume with the slider.

    Mute/Unmute audio in PowerPoint
  6. The timer advances while the sound or music plays.

Access Playback Options in Your Presentation

When you select the audio icon on a slide, two Audio Tools tabs are added to PowerPoint. Format contains image effects and image arrangment options. Playback contains controls to trim the audio, add a fade, loop the audio, and play the audio in the background.

Audio Tools Playback tab in PowerPoint

Here's how to use the Playback audio tools:

  1. To delete parts of the audio, select Trim Audio, drag the red and green sliders, and select OK when you're finished.

  2. To add a fade duration to the end and beginning of the audio, change the number in the Fade In and Fade Out text boxes.

  3. To change the volume level, select Volume and choose Low, Medium, High, or Mute.

  4. To change when the audio plays on a slide, select the Start down arrow and choose In Click Sequence, Automatically, or When Clicked On.

  5. To play the audio across all slides and in the background, select Play in Background.

Do you use multiple devices when presenting your slideshows? Keep your sound files in the same folder as your PowerPoint presentation. It's easier to find everything when you want to move your files to a different device.