Add a Recovery Email Addresses to Your Microsoft Account

Secondary Email Addresses Help Access Webmail Accounts

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Hero Images / Getty Images is where Windows Live Hotmail and other Microsoft email accounts are accessed. You can add a secondary email address to these email accounts so that you can still reset your password and access your account in case you forget your password.

Should you need to reset your Microsoft password, you can choose to send a reset code to the alternate email address so that Microsoft can validate that you are who you say you are.

Just don't forget the alternative email address because you'll have to know it when you reset your password!

How to Add an Alternate Email Address

Including a recovery email address is easy to do. Either open the Security section of your Microsoft account and then skip down to Step 6 or follow these instructions from Step 1:

  1. Log on to your email at Outlook Mail.
  2. Click or tap your name on the far right side of the menu bar to see a new menu.
  3. Choose the link called View account.
  4. Click/tap the Security tab at the top of that page.
  5. Under the "Update your security info" area, choose the UPDATE INFO > button.
  6. Click or tap the link called Add security info.
  7. In the new prompt that shows, go into the first drop down menu and choose An alternate email address. It might already be there but if not, then A phone number is automatically chosen; just switch it to the email address option.
  8. Enter the recovery email address for your Microsoft account.
  1. Click or tap Next so that Microsoft can email that alternate address with a special code.
  2. Enter the code from that email in the "Code" area of the Add security info window. The email should be from Microsoft account team with the subject Microsoft account security code.
  3. Click or tap Next to save the changes and add that alternative email address to your Microsoft account.
  1. Verify that the email account was added by returning to Step 5. Your Microsoft email account should also get an email that says you updated your security information.

Tip: You can add multiple recovery addresses (and even phone numbers) by repeating these steps. When it's time to reset your password, you get to choose which alternate email address the code should be sent to.

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