Add Alternate Addresses to a Hotmail Account

Secondary Email Address Helps Access Webmail Accounts

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Windows Live Hotmail was replaced by in 2013. Learn more about and how to use its email features.

Adding an alternate email address for a webmail account, such as or Gmail,  is a wise thing to do. It can help you gain access to your account and reset the password if you have forgotten it. Check with your webmail service for how to add a secondary or alternate email address.

How to Add an Alternate Email Address to Your Windows Live Hotmail Account

To add an email address to your Windows Live Hotmail account for use in case of a lost password:

  • Go to Windows Live Account in your browser.
  • Log in using your Windows Live Hotmail email address and password if prompted.
  • Click Manage under Security Info: in the Account security section.
  • Select Add New under Alternate email address.
  • Type the new alternate email address over
  • Hit Enter.
  • Open the email from "Windows Live Team " you received at the newly added email address with the subject "Windows Live Account Security Confirmation".
  • Follow the confirmation link in the message.