How to Add Album Art in Windows Media Player 11

We've covered how to use Windows Media Player 11 (WMP) to automatically download missing album art, but there are times when you'll want to do it manually using image files. If WMP fails to download the correct album artwork, or you want to add your own custom images, then you can do it manually. Follow this short tutorial to find out how to utilize image files as your album art.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 1 Minute Maximum per image.

Here's How:

  1. Checking For Missing Album Covers: To check to see which albums in your music library have missing covers, click the Library menu tab at the top of Window Media Player 11's main screen. In the left pane, if the library section isn't already expanded, then click on the small triangle next to it to view the contents. Now, click on the Album category to see a list of albums in your library.

  2. Copying and Pasting Album Art: To be able to use an image file, you'll need to use one that's compatible with Windows Media Player -- the format can be JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, or TIFF. To use an image file, simply navigate to where the file is stored (on your hard drive or flash drive for example) using Windows Explorer and copy it to your clipboard (right-click > Copy). Now goto WMP, right-click the album art box that is missing an image and choose the Paste Album Art option from the pop-up menu.

    What You Need:

    • Windows Media Player 11
    • Image files (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, or TIFF)
    • Populated Windows Media Player Library