How to Add a YouTube Video to Your Wikispaces Wiki

Wikispaces has closed down, but here's how it worked

Wikispaces closed down in 2019. You can embed videos on your wiki pages using other free online wiki tools. This article's information is for archival purposes.

What to Know

  • Go to Browse through the videos and find one that you want to add to your Wikispaces wiki.
  • Select the Share menu. To display a copy of the video's URL on your website, select Link to Share, then copy the URL.
  • To embed the video, select Embed. Use Show More to select size and other options, then highlight all of the code and copy it.

This article explains how to add a YouTube video to your Wikispaces wiki.

How to Embed a Video Into a Wiki Page With Wikispaces

To get started, go to Browse through the videos and find one that you want to add to your Wikispaces wiki.

Copy the YouTube Code to Share or Embed

Share a Youtuibe video screenshot

When you have located a video on YouTube, look beneath the video for the Share menu.

Select the Share menu and you will see a variety of options: A link you can share and buttons specific to Embed, Email, and various social media sites.

  • Link to Share: This will display the URL of the video. If you want to link to the video from your Wikispaces wiki, then copy this code. You may note that if you are watching and stop the video at any point, it will also give you the option to include that start time cue in the URL. Check this box if you don't want to start it at the beginning.
  • Click the Copy link to copy it so that you can then paste it elsewhere.
  • Embed: If you want the video to actually show up on your Wikispaces wiki, then copy this code. It will be enclosed in an iframe code. Use the Show More link to see a preview of the video. Using Show More, you can also alter the size, whether or not to show suggested videos after the video finishes, the player controls, and the video title and player actions. You can also enable privacy-enhanced mode. If you change any of these, the code will update. Highlight all of the code and copy it.

Add the YouTube Code to Wikispaces

Wikispaces Embed Media Box
Wikispaces Embed Media Box.
  1. Go to the page on Wikispaces where you want to add your YouTube video.

  2. Click Edit This Page.

  3. Click on the Embed Media button. It's the one that looks like a little TV.

  4. Paste the code you copied from YouTube into the pop-up box.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

    See Your Video

    Wikispaces Add Link Button
    Wikispaces Add Link Button.

    Now, you will be able to see your video on your Wikispaces wiki. If you added a new page and you want to add the new page to your navigation, go to the bottom of the page and select Edit Navigation at the bottom of the navigation bar.

  7. Choose the place in the navigation where you want to add your new link.

  8. Click on the Add Link button.

  9. Choose the page you want to add from the ​drop-down box.

    • Add a title for the page.
  10. Select OK.

  11. Select Save

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