How to Add a Border in Google Docs

Three ways to insert borders and make your Docs outstanding

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What to Know:

  • To use a table, select New > Google Docs > Blank document > Insert > Table > 1x1 grid.
  • To use a shape, select Insert > Drawing > New > Shape > Shapes > Rectangle.
  • To use a picture, select Insert > Image > Search the web.

This article will show you how to add a border in Google Docs. Unfortunately, no default feature is available to add borders easily, but you can use one of the workarounds here.

How to Do Borders on Google Docs With a Table

Using a table is the simplest solution. A single-celled table can surround a text block and act as the border on Google Docs. Make a table before typing the content in the document.

  1. From Google Drive, select New > Google Docs > Blank document.

    Opening a new blank document in Google Docs
  2. Select Insert > Table > 1x1 grid to display a single-celled table on the document.

    Insert Table in Google Docs
  3. Drag the horizontal and vertical borders to re-size the table to match the planned layout of the content. For instance, drag it to the foot of the page to create a pseudo-border around the text. You can format the table (or the "border") with two methods.

    1x1 Table in Google Doc as a border
  4. Select each vertical and horizontal line of the table individually (press Ctrl to select them all). Then, use the Border color, Border width, and Border dash dropdowns to format the table.

    Formatting table in Google Docs
  5. Right-click inside the table to display Table properties on the right. Select Color > Table border to change the border's thickness and the Cell background color picker for any color within the table borders.

    Google Docs Table properties
  6. Type your content inside the table borders.

Add a Border By Drawing a Shape

You can draw a border with any rectangular shape. Use the steps below to take advantage of the Drawing tool in Google Docs to make a border.

  1. Select Insert > Drawing > New.

    Inserting a new drawing in Google Docs
  2. From the toolbar of the drawing canvas, select Shape > Shapes > Rectangle.

    Inserting a rectangular shape in Google Docs
  3. Drag the mouse on the canvas and then release the mouse to draw the shape.

  4. Select the dropdowns for Border color, Border weight, and Border dash to customize the look of the shape.

    Formatting a shape in Google Docs
  5. Double click anywhere inside the shape and start typing to insert text inside the shape. You can also select Text Box and click anywhere inside the shape. Start typing to enter the contents that will go on the page.

  6. Select Save and close to insert the shape on the document.

    Type text inside a shape in Google Docs and Save and Close button
  7. Drag the anchor points on the four sides to resize and re-position the shape if necessary.

  8. Double-click on the shape to open the Drawing canvas again to edit. Alternatively, select the shape and choose Edit from the toolbar at the bottom of the shape. For instance, the default border color is black, and the background color is blue. You can change it to your preference.

    Editing Shapes in Google Docs

Use an Image to Add a Border

Picking an image of a frame or page borders is the most creative way to beautify your Google document. It's also apt for creating flyers, invitation cards, and brochures that will look better with decorative borders.

  1. Select Insert > Image > Search the web.

    Google Docs image search
  2. Search the web with keywords like "frames" or "borders."

  3. From the search results, choose the appropriate look that matches the type of content for the page.

    Selecting a border image in Google Docs
  4. Select Insert.

  5. Select and drag any corner handle to resize the image of the border.

  6. As this is an image, you cannot type text over it. Select the image and select the Behind text from the formatting toolbar at the bottom of the image. The image is now behind any text you type over it.

    Placing an image behind text in Google Docs
  7. Enter the text for the document.

  • How do I change margins in Google Docs?

    To change margins in Google Docs manually via the ruler, click the grey area to the left of the down-facing triangle on the left or right margin. The pointer turns into an arrow. Drag the grey margin area to adjust the margin size. Or, preset margins by going to File > Page setup > Margins.

  • How do I delete a page in Google Docs?

    To delete a page in Google Docs, place the cursor at the end of the sentence right before the unwanted page. Click and drag downward to select the unwanted page. Press Delete or Backspace to erase it.

  • How do I add a text box in Google Docs?

    To insert a text box in Google Docs, open your document, place your cursor where you want to text box, and go to Insert > Drawing > New > Text Box. Type your text into the space, and click and drag the handles to size the box to your needs.

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