Adam Thursby

Adam Thursby is a technology enthusiast who resides in Upstate New York with his wife and two sons. Adam has been working with digital video recording for the last six years and continues to try and expand his knowledge, even of systems not used on a daily basis.


Having used many different DVR solutions over the last six years, Adam has in depth experience when it comes to capturing content from cable, satellite as well as DVD and Blu-ray. In 2009, Adam was named a Windows Media Center Most Valuable Professional by Microsoft for his work in the Media Center community.

As well as working with Microsoft, he has developed relationships with several companies involved in the DVR space and has in depth knowledge of emerging technologies.

For two years now, Adam has been managing, editing and podcasting for The Digital Media Zone, a site dedicated to digital media and its uses in the home. The site covers home theater, DVR technology as well as content. He currently co-hosts three podcasts dedicated to the topic.


After leaving school, Adam joined the United States Marine Corps and there focused directly on electronics and technology. While being a navigation technician isn't directly related to DVR technology, it did encourage an attitude of keeping up with the latest technology in many related fields.

Since leaving the USMC, Adam has continued to educate himself on the latest in digital technology including digital content distribution, digital video recording, home theater and computer hardware.

Adam Thursby

Since a young age I've been a technology buff. As such, I can still remember being the one to program the family VCR when no one else could as well as pushing my family to adopt the latest technology available at the time.After becoming one of the first DVR subscribers for my cable company at the time, I quickly decided that I wanted more options with my content viewing experience. It was in 2004 that I started using Windows Media Center to provide entertainment in our home and we haven't looked back since.Though Media Center has been our chosen DVR, I've continued to maintain my up-to-date knowledge of digital content recording as well as related technologies such as home theater hardware and distribution options. This has allowed me to help others through the Microsoft MVP program as well as continue to provide support on a personal basis to people around me. My hope is that you find my real world knowledge helpful as you seek answers to your digital video recording questions.

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