What Is the Ad hoc Mode In PSP?

Noun: A mode of wireless communications that allows devices in close proximity (within about 15 feet of each other) to exchange information. In the case of the PSP, it allows two or more people who have PSPs and a game that supports ad hoc to play a game together ("multiplayer"). The same screen will then be seen on all PSPs, as long as players remain in the game and stay within range of each other.

You can see whether a game supports ad hoc mode by looking for a text box saying "Wi-Fi Compatible (Ad hoc)" on the back of the game's packaging.

Some games will allow a PSP owner who doesn't have the game to download a demo from a PSP owner who does have the game. This is different from ad hoc games; it is done via Gamesharing.

Pronunciation: ADD-hawk

Also known as: Ad-hoc, Ad hoc mode, Ad hoc play


This game supports up to 4 players in ad hoc mode.

"Are you starting an ad hoc game? Wait for me -- I want to join!"

  • How do you start an ad hoc multiplayer game?

    Turn on your PSP and boot up the game you want to play. Make sure it supports ad hoc multiplayer, and make sure the WLAN switch is in the On position. Have the other player join your game.

  • Why won't ad hoc mode work on PSP?

    For ad hoc mode to work, you and your friend must have the same game of the same type (PAL or NTSC). Your PSPs' Ad hoc Mode must also be set to Automatic or to the same channel (1, 6, or 11).

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