Active Password Changer Professional v15

Use this program to delete your password with just a few clicks

Active Password Changer Professional v15 is a very well designed premium Windows password recovery tool. It's very similar to the free ONTP&RE program but this program is significantly easier to install and use.

Active Password Changer Professional doesn't actually recover your password like the popular Ophcrack program, a free password recovery tool. Active Password Changer Professional deletes your password, allowing unrestricted access to your computer.

Active Password Changer 15

Please read our Windows Password Recovery Programs FAQ before you buy Active Password Changer Professional.


  • Very easy to install
  • Very easy to use
  • Bootable disc contains many other advanced recovery tools
  • Works with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP passwords, and more
  • No knowledge of old password needed


  • ISO download is large and could take a long time to download
  • Program installation is required to build ISO image; no simple ISO download option


  • Active Password Changer Professional automatically downloads and burns the bootable disc making it very easy to get started.
  • Will remove any password on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, or Server 2008/2003
  • Several extremely useful offline recovery features are included along with Active Password Changer Professional.
  • Password deleting is instantaneous after a few clicks through the easy to use wizard.
  • No command line navigation required! Entire process operates on Windows PE via the bootable disc.

More Information on Active Password Changer Professional v15

When you purchase Active Password Changer Professional, you're given a link to the installation program. During installation, you're given several options, all of which are checked by default.

However, chances are you need this tool because you've lost your only access to your PC, so the only application that you need to install is the one called Bootable Disc Creator.

How to Install Active Password Changer Professional

Obviously, you won't have access to your computer to download and install this software. This process will have to be done on a computer you do have access to. If you don't have a second PC, just ask a friend to borrow theirs for an hour or so. You won't be making any important changes to this other computer.

After starting the Bootable Disc Creator program as part of Active Password Changer Professional, you just click a few buttons to automatically download the ISO file and then burn it to a CD or DVD. This is a very nice feature since burning ISO files manually can be confusing.

After the CD or DVD is burned, remove it from the drive and put it in the PC that you want to delete the password for. Boot to the burned disc by restarting your computer with the disc in the drive.

APC Professional runs on a small version of Windows called Windows PE. This compact version of Windows runs completely from the burned disc and will start automatically, as will the Active Password Changer Professional software.

If Active Password Changer Professional doesn't start, it most likely means that the computer isn't configured boot to the disc. See How to Boot From a CD, DVD, or BD Disc for help.

A few clicks through an easy wizard and you're done! Remove the disc and then restart your computer. No password required!

Once Windows loads, create a new password that you can remember.