How to Turn On Opera Turbo Mode

Enable turbo mode in Opera to save data usage and speed up browsing

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Opera Turbo is a feature in the Opera web browser that attempts to speed up your access to the internet and reduce data usage by compressing files on the fly as you access videos, web pages, and photos.

When you enable turbo mode in Opera, you can expect to use less data on your network, which can help relieve bandwidth congestion at home and in public Wi-Fi areas. If you're using Opera Turbo on the go from your mobile data plan, you'll have a better chance of staying below your data limit.

You can turn Opera Turbo on and off in Windows and macOS through a setting within the browser. The same feature is available for phones and tablets with the Opera Mini app.

How to Enable Opera Turbo

In Windows and macOS, you can turn on Opera Turbo through the Advanced settings.

  1. Click the Opera menu button in Windows, or Opera if you're on a Mac.

  2. Click Settings from the drop-down menu. Mac users need to click Preferences... instead.

    Screenshot of the Opera settings button in Windows
    Jon Fisher
  3. Click Advanced on the left side of the page.

    Screenshot of the Opera advanced settings link
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  4. Click Features within that submenu.

    Screenshot of the Opera features link in the settings in Windows
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  5. Scroll to the Opera Turbo section, and click the slider button next to it to enable the feature.

    Screenshot of the Opera Turbo option in Windows
     Jon Fisher
  6. Opera Turbo is now enabled in the browser.