How to Activate Incognito Mode in Google Chrome for iPad

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Going Incognito on the iPad

chrome ipad incognito mode
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This article is only intended for users running the Google Chrome Web browser on an Apple iPad device.

Apple's iPad now serves as the main, or in some cases only, device on which a large number of users surf the Web. Many of these on-the-go explorers desire a level of privacy rivaling their desktop-based counterparts, and rightfully so. Several iPad browsers offer some type of clandestineness while perusing the 'net, and Google Chrome is no exception with its easily-activated Incognito Mode.

Known in some circles as stealth mode, Chrome's Incognito Mode is enabled in separate tabs, allowing users to have the final say as to which data components are stored and which are discarded once the current browsing session is terminated. Personal items including browsing and download history, along with cache and cookies, are never saved locally while surfing in Incognito Mode. However, any modifications made to your bookmarks and browser settings are kept, providing some continuity even when you choose to browse privately.

This tutorial shows you how to activate Incognito Mode in just a few easy steps. First, open your Chrome browser.

Tap the Chrome menu button (three horizontally-placed dots), located in the upper right-hand corner of your browser window. When the drop-down menu appears, select the New Incognito Tab option.

You've gone incognito! A status message as well as a brief explanation should now be given within the main portion of Chrome's browser window. You will also notice the Incognito Mode logo, a shady character with a hat and sunglasses, displayed in the upper left-hand corner.

To exit Incognito Mode at any point, simple close the active tab.