A Guide to Making Your Google Chrome Web Page Appear in Full Screen

Put Chrome into full screen mode to see more of the page

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You can put Google Chrome into full-screen mode to see more of the actual page and to hide all the other elements, including the bookmarks bar, menu buttons, any open tabs, and the operating system's clock, taskbar, and additional items. This does not make the text on the page larger.

If you want to make Chrome full screen because the regular screen size text is too hard to read, you'll have better luck using the built-in zoom buttons to make the text larger.

How to Enable and Disable Full-Screen Mode in Chrome

The quickest way to open a full-screen Chrome window in the Windows operating system is to click the F11 key. Use the same key to return to normal screen mode.

For Chrome users on macOS, click the green circle at the top left corner of Chrome, and click it again to return to a regular screen.

The alternative is to use Chrome's own menu to toggle full-screen mode on and off:

  1. Open the Chrome menu (the three vertical dots at the top right corner of the screen).
  2. Go to Zoom in the drop-down window and select the square to the far right of the zoom buttons (the "+" and "-" buttons).
  3. Repeat the process to return to regular view or click the F11 key to return Google Chrome's window to its normal size.

How to Zoom In on Pages in Chrome

If you don't want to make Google Chrome full screen but instead just want to increase (or decrease) the size of the text on the page, you can use the built-in zoom buttons.

  1. Open the Chrome menu.
  2. Go to Zoom in the drop-down menu and click the "+" button to enlarge the page contents in regular increments up to 500 percent. Click the "-" button to reduce the size of the page contents.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to modify the size of the page contents. Hold down the CTRL (on a PCor CMD (on a Mac) key and press the plus or minus key to zoom in and out respectively.

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