The World is No Longer Flat With Acer’s New 3D Monitors

The View and View Pro are lightweight and in 4K

Acer is introducing two new monitors to its SpatialLabs lineup with the ability to display in stereoscopic 3D.

The SpatialLabs View and View Pro are both 15.6-inch 4K displays that can be connected to a PC and provide glasses-free 3D imaging. The difference between them is how they're meant to be used—the base View model is more for entertainment, and the View Pro focuses on work environments.

SpatialLabs View


The SpatialLabs View can display stereoscopic 3D thanks to its TrueGame app. According to Acer, it utilized developer information about game models and environments to present games in 3D. Not every game will support stereoscopic 3D, but Acer has a list of over 50 titles that do, including God of War and Forza Horizon 5.

Activating 3D on the View appears to be pretty easy. Acer states all you have to do is open the TrueGame app and select the game you want in 3D. The View Pro, on the other hand, has Model Viewer. This app allows creators to bring assets together and display them as a 3D model.

The Pro supports all the major file formats and 3D design software such as Solidworks and Cinema 4D. It also sports Sketchfab integration giving access to a massive library of free and premium 3D assets for projects.

SpatialLabs Pro


The two monitors share some features. They're both 3.3lbs, cover the Adobe RGB color space, and have a standalone VESA mount on the back.

The SpatialLabs View will launch Summer 2022, starting at $1,099. Acer has not yet announced its release date or price tag for the View Pro.

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