Acer Readies New Standalone Chromebox and All-in-One Modular Computing System

Repairs and upgrades have never been so easy

Acer has just teased a refresh to its standalone Chromebox computer, along with a new modular SKU aimed at enterprise consumers. 

For the unfamiliar, a Chromebox is a Chrome-powered device similar to a Mac Mini, requiring a standalone monitor. Acer’s forthcoming Chromebox CXI5 is packed with high-end specs, with a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, fast Wi-Fi 6, four standard USB ports, two USB-C ports, and a pair of dual HDMI 2.1 ports, allowing simultaneous integration with up to four monitors. 

Acer Chromebox


The company also announced the Chromebox Enterprise CXI5, designed for business users. The specs are exactly the same as the standard CXI5, but with integrated management tools for enterprise customers, along with low-power consumption modes and a more efficient charger for powering external devices. 

The surprises don't stop there. Acer is further serving enterprise customers with the launch of the fully modular Add-In-One 24. This kit is basically a Chromebox CXI5 attached to the back of a 24-inch FHD 1080p monitor. The monitor includes a number of office-friendly upgrades, such as a 5 MP webcam, dual microphones, a pair of speakers, and AI-enhanced noise reduction. 

Acer Add-in-one 24


The modular design comes in handy when going in for service, repairs, or upgrades. Just remove the Chromebox from the back and swap it to a new display, or vice versa in the case of a malfunctioning monitor. 

The Chromebox refresh will be available early next year, starting at $280. The Add-In-One 24 modular system also launches early next year and starts at $610. 

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