How 43Things Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals

Set your goals and accomplish them with the help of 43Things, a social networking site for people who have goals in their life and want to see those goals through. By writing about your goals and seeing what others have written about the same goal on 43Things you may get the help you need and make new friends at the same time. Create lists, add goals and blog with other people with the same goals on 43Things. Soon you will have your own list of goals that you have completed.

What Is 43Things?

43Things is a site that lets you choose some goals for your life and helps you accomplish those goals. Choose from thousands of goals that other people have created or you can create your own goal. Then with the help of other people, you can accomplish your goals by reading what others are doing to accomplish their goals or by writing about successes you've has with your own goals.

By joining in with a group of other people who share your same goals you will be able to get help with your goals. When you have finished a goal or made some progress with one of your goals you can post about it and maybe help someone else who has the same goals you have.

Find other people with the same interests as you have and maybe even make some friends along the say. You can search for friends or you can just add people from the goal pages.

What You Can Do On 43Things

  • When you sign up for 43Things you can immediately start adding your own goals to your personal 43Things Web page. If you see a goal that you want to accomplish on the site click on the button that says "I want to do this" and the goal will be added to your list of personal goals.
  • If you want to create a goal of your very own you can do that too. At the bottom of every 43Things page, you will see a line that says "I want to" where you can type in your own goal. Type the goal into the line and click the button and the new goal will be added to your personal goals.
  • Join other people's goals. Get help with your goal or help others with theirs. If you are trying to lose weight (just an example) and you join a group of other people who are also trying to lose weight and you participate in and read the conversations you will have a better chance of losing weight.
  • If you have some sort of success with a goal, write about it. Tell other's how you accomplished this step in your goal. Maybe you will help someone else. Even if it is your own goal you can still write about it. Maybe writing it down will make something click.
  • When you have accomplished a goal click on the button that says "I've done this". Then you will know what goals you have accomplished. You can do this on a goal that you didn't sign up for too. If you find a goal that you know you have accomplished in the past, click the button and tell other's if it was worth doing or not. You can even join the goal if you want to help others that are still looking to accomplish this goal.

What Your Personal 43Things Page Does?

  • Click on "Your Things" in the menu at the top of the page. This is where you can go to see what goals you've signed up for and any entries you've written anywhere on the 43Things Web site. But that's not all.
  • Choose the city or town that you live in. You can share things with other people who live in the same place or see what other people have written about your city or town.
  • If you have a Flickr Photo album site you may already be seeing some of your photos on your 43Things page. You can choose to hide this if you want. Add more photos to your 43Things site if you want to show them to other people on the 43Things site.
  • Challenge yourself by adding deadlines to your goals. This may make you accomplish your goals quicker.
  • Add a list of places you've been or want to go. Not just the country or city but right down to the place itself.
  • People can also cheer you on and tag you. You can see all this from your 43Things page. Search for people on 43Things and add them to your 43Things family.
  • Add things you've bought to the consumption page and get tips on similar items that you can buy in the future.
  • Create lists of your favorite things. Whether it be a list of books you've read or a list of your favorite foods, share them with other 43Things members.
  • Add 43Things to your own personal blog. If you have a blog on another site like Blogger, you can add your 43Things lists to your blog.
  • You set the time and you will receive a reminder to do your goal.

What Other's See on Your 43Things Page

  • When someone else comes to your personal 43Things Web page they will see all your goals. Goals that you want to accomplish, have already accomplished and goals you have quit.
  • They can also go through and read all the entries that you have written. They can post comments to your entries and cheer you on if they want to.
  • They can subscribe to your 43Things site. Then they can read your entries from their 43Things page.
  • See where you want to go and where you've been, your lists, your people, and your consumptions. If you entered any of these things on your 43Things page then they can click on them and see everything you have listed.
  • They can see your photos. Any photos on your 43Things page can be views by other people.
  • The cheers that you've given and the cheers that you've received can all be read too.
  • They will know all about you when they are finished. If you don't mind sharing your goals with others, then this site may be able to help you accomplish some of your own.