How to Access Yahoo Mail in

Connect Yahoo Mail to to Simplify Your Email Life

If you use Classic Yahoo Mail, you can access your Yahoo Mail with This functionality was added in 2014 to the delight of many users who have accounts with both webmail services. If you connect your Classic Yahoo Mail account to, new messages arrive in your default Inbox or a dedicated folder automatically. You can set up to receive forwarded new emails only or to receive all your Yahoo mail and folders.

Note: This feature is not available in the New Yahoo Mail at this time. 

Mark Your Yahoo Mail Account to Forward New Email

You can mark your Classic Yahoo Mail account to forward new emails to Before you start, sign in to your Yahoo Mail account.  

  1. Log in to your Classic Yahoo Mail account.

  2. Click on the Help gear icon at the top right corner of the Yahoo Mail screen.

  3. Select ​Settings from the menu that opens.

  4. Select Accounts from the left panel.

  5. Click on the Yahoo account that you want to access from

  6. Scroll down to the Access your Yahoo Mail elsewhere area and select the box next to Forward: Your mail is forwarded to the specified address, so you can check it there.

  7. Enter the address that you want to forward your email to.

  8. Click the Verify button and wait for an email. Follow the instructions in the email to verify the forwarding address.

  9. Select to either Store and forward your Yahoo Mail or to Store and forward and mark as read.

Access All Yahoo Mail and Folders in

To access all your Classic Yahoo Mail email and folders in

  1. Sign in to

  2. Click the Mail settings gear icon.

  3. Select Connected accounts.

  4. Under Add a connected account, select Other email accounts.

  5. A Connect your email account window opens. Enter your Yahoo email address and your Yahoo password.

  6. Choose where the imported email will be stored. The default choice is to create a new folder and subfolders for your Yahoo email, but you can also choose to import Yahoo Mail into your existing folders.

  7. Do not check the box next to Manually configure account settings (POP, IMAP or Send Only account at this time. If you have trouble, you can configure the account manually later.

  8. Select OK.

If the connection is successful, you see a message that your account is now connected and is importing your email. The importing process can take a while depending on how much Yahoo Mail you have to import. Because this is done server to server, you are free to close your browser, turn off your computer, and do other things. Eventually, your Yahoo mail messages will appear in folders on

If the connection is not successful, select either IMAP/SMTP connections settings or POP/SMTP connection settings in the error screen and enter the information manually for your Yahoo Mail account.

Manage Your Accounts

Now your address is listed under the Manage your connected accounts section located under Settings > Connected Accounts in You can see its status and the time of the last update, and you can edit your account information here.

In this same screen, you can input or change your From Address. You can also manage aliases from this screen.

Sending a Yahoo Email From

To compose an email using your address, start a new email message and choose your address in the From: address field using the drop-down menu. If you plan to use it frequently, set up your Yahoo Mail address as your default for sending automatically.