Accessing Xbox Live and Your Achievements On the Go

Xbox Live on the go
Wanna access Xbox Live and your achievements on the road? Here are some super speedy pointers. EA

Does hearing that familiar “plop” while playing an Xbox game send your heart aflutter?

Microsoft changed gaming forever — for good or bad — when it introduced achievements many, many moons ago. As someone who has earned 100 percent achievements on a few games, I certainly understand the allure of getting those “cheevos.”

For folks who want to be able to access Xbox Live or keep track of their accomplishments wherever they may be, the advent of smartphones and, to a certain extent, tablets has made it possible to not only check on your achievements and friends but also edit your profile and even your avatar on the go. If you’re looking to literally have Xbox Live access within your pockets or the palm of your hands, here are a couple of quick ways to access it on the go through your mobile device.

Your smartphone browser

One way to access Xbox Live on your smartphone or tablet is to simply go to your browser and visit the Xbox Live site directly. The address can change depending on the region so you can go ahead and just Google it (for gamers in the United States, for example, the address is ​

Once you’re on the site, you can sign in by tapping on the icon on the upper right of your screen denoted by three lines. I’ve verified that this method is the same regardless of whether you’re using Safari, Chrome, the Google app and even Samsung’s stock browser on its Galaxy S smartphone.

Once you’re signed in, tap that same three-line icon on the upper right once again and you will see your profile picture, name, and Gamertag. Tap that general area and you will bring up a bunch of options that will allow you to access your Microsoft account, profile, friends list, messages, and subscriptions. You can even redeem codes and change your Xbox settings from here.

To check your achievements, just tap on “Profile” and it will bring up a new screen with your avatar as well as some menu tabs just above it. One of those is “Achievements,” which you can tap to access.

One issue I do have with accessing Xbox Live via the browser is that it automatically signs you in with whatever Microsoft or Hotmail account you may have open in a different browser tab. Since I use a different Microsoft account for email and my Xbox Live profile, this can be a bit annoying.

My Xbox LIVE app

If you’re an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone user and prefer the simplicity of using an app to access Xbox Live, well, there’s an app for that. Old reference, I know.

Although I used quite a few third-party apps back in the day, Microsoft now has an official one called My Xbox LIVE. Just download that on your iOS or Android device and you’re all set.

The interface for the app is a lot simpler than the mobile site. The first window puts you in the Spotlight section, which features some game videos that Microsoft would like you to peruse. Pretty sneaky, Microsoft… Instead, what you really want are the second and third windows, which you can get to by swiping left on your screen. By the way, I recommend swiping on the white area at the top as doing so in the general screen area sometimes causes you to accidentally launch a video (grrr!).

The second window is the Social section, which shows your total score for your achievements as well as your avatar. Tap on your avatar and it’ll summon whatever pet you’ve got in there or do different animations. On the right of your avatar are menus for accessing friends, messages, and beacons. You also can edit your profile via the pencil icon or your avatar via the shirt icon on the lower middle menu.

The third screen, meanwhile, lists you achievements by game. If you have a TON of games played like I do, you can use the magnifying glass icon to search for a specific game.

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