How to Access the Android 12 Security Hub

An overview of the security settings in there

What to Know

  • The Security Hub is only available on Google Pixel phones running Android 12.
  • To access the Security Hub, open Settings > Security.
  • You can then tap on the various options to control different functions on your phone.

This article explains how to access the Android 12 Security Hub, as well as discuss the different functions you can control from within it.

How Do I Access Android Security?

You can find the Security menu for Android 12 within the Settings menu. It's normally found in the standard menu list, but you may need to scroll down. On Pixel devices, the Security menu usually appears above the Privacy option. However, the exact lineup of settings may change depending on which Pixel device you are using. At the moment, it is unclear if other phone manufacturers will also include a version of the Security Hub within their own versions of Android 12.

To access the Security Hub, simply open Settings > tap Security.

Android 12 Security settings.

Google has offered a similar setup of security-based settings on your phone for years, but Android 12 is the first version of the operating system that brings it altogether in an easy-to-use interface.

What Can I Control in the Security Hub?

With the release of Android 12, Google has made it easier than ever to control your phone's various security options. The Security Hub now includes a handy graphic to alert you to any possible safety issues on your device. Each section also includes a new icon set that will easily draw your attention to problems. Green check marks mean you don't have to worry about any issues, while yellow exclamation points notate things you should look at soon.

Here is a rough breakdown of all the settings you can control from the Security Hub in Android 12:

Android 12 Security Hub warning message

App Security

This section is where you'll scan for malicious applications. You can tap on App Security to begin a scan at any point. If your phone detects any issues it will alert you.

Find My Device

You can use Find My Device to locate your Android 12 device should it ever go missing. Tapping on this selection will allow you to toggle the feature on and off, as well as give you easy links to access the Find My Device service on your phone or on the web.

Security Update

Tapping this option will let you check for important updates for the Android 12 operating system. These updates typically consist of various fixes for possible exploits found in the system.

Screen Lock

You can easily change what screen lock you use—or disable it altogether—by tapping on this option. There are several screen locks available, including Swipe, Pattern, Pin, and Password.

Pixel Imprint

This is where you control the fingerprints registered to your system. Selecting this setting allows you to add new fingerprints or delete ones you no longer need.

Google Security Checkup

Tapping on this option will show you several features you can use to ensure your Google account is secure. This includes 2-step verification, toggles to enable or disable Google Play Protect, as well as recent security activity from the last 28 days. You can also control third-party app access in this menu, as well as the passwords saved to your Google account.

Google Play System Update

You can check for updates to the Google Play Store by selecting this option. Google is always releasing changes for the Play Store and this will help ensure you're running the most recent version.

Advanced Settings

Users who want fine-tuned control of Device admin applications, or to enable Smart Lock, can access those options from the Advanced Settings menu. You can also confirm SIM deletion from this area, too.

  • How do I find the network security key on my Android phone?

    One way to find the network security key on your Android phone is to install ES File Explorer and go to Root Explorer > Local > Device. Go to misc > wifi from the root folder and view the security key in the wpa_supplicant.conf file. You can also use Minimal ADB and Fastboot or an Android terminal emulator to find the key.

  • How do I update my Android security patch level manually?

    To check for Android updates, tap SettingsSystem > About Phone > System updates > Check for update. If you want the option to update your phone on your schedule and install whatever you want, root your Android phone. Rooting your device gives you access to all your phone's settings.

  • How do I remove the security pin from my Android phone?

    If you want to turn off the lock screen on your Android phone, go to Settings > Security & privacySecurity, or Security & location. From there, select Lock screen password or Screen lock Disable lock screen password or None. If you lose your passcode or phone, you can remotely reset the pin on your Android lock screen using Google Find My Device.

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