How to Access Samsung Notes On a PC

Samsung's note-making app works just fine on your Windows computer

What to Know

  • Search for Samsung Notes in the Microsoft Store. Select Get to download the app.
  • Launch the app as you would any other to begin using it.
  • If you can't use the store, open Command Prompt and type winget "Samsung Notes"

Samsung Notes is a useful note-taking app and this article will explain how to install it in a couple of different ways. These steps should work on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems, although the interface will look slightly different.

How to Get Samsung Notes On PC

For most people, the quickest and easiest ways to access Samsung Notes on PC is to download it from the Microsoft Store.

  1. Using the Windows Search bar, search for Microsoft Store and select the appropriate result.

    Microsoft Store highlighted in Windows 10 Start Menu
  2. In the Microsoft Store, search for Samsung Notes.

    Samsung Notes highlighted in the Microsoft Store search bar.
  3. On the Samsung Notes store page, select the Get button to download the application and begin using it.

    If you don't see the Get button, and can't install Samsung Notes, you aren't alone. This is a common problem faced by many users. If you've installed the app before, you may be able to find it in your Library by selecting the icon in the bottom-left and then re-installing it there. Alternatively, look to the section below for another method to install Samsung Notes on a PC.

How to Access Samsung Notes Using the Command Prompt

If you can't download Samsung Notes from the Microsoft Store, you can have Windows download and install it for you. Here's what to do.

  1. Using the Windows search bar, search for CMD and select the corresponding result.

    Command Prompt highlighted in Windows 10 Start menu.
  2. In the Command Prompt window, type:

    winget install "Samsung Notes"

    Then press the Enter key.

    Samsung Notes winget command highlighted in the Windows Command Prompt.

    The above command does include the quotation marks. Make sure you type them in as well.

  3. When prompted, agree to the terms and conditions for the application. Then wait for it to install. A blue progress bar will let you know how long it's going to take, but at half a gigabyte, the application isn't huge and shouldn't take long on a modern internet connection.

    Terms of agreement in Command Prompt on a Windows 10 PC.
  4. When Samsung Notes is installed, a small pop-up notification will let you know. Select it to open the app.

    Launch highlighted in Samsung Notes installed notification.
  5. Once Samsung Notes is open on your PC, sign in to your account to access any previously saved notes, or Skip to start afresh.

    Skip highlighted on Samsung Notes sign in screen.
  • How do I transfer my Samsung Notes to my new phone?

    Use Samsung Cloud. On your old device, go to Settings > Cloud and accounts > Apps > Samsung Cloud and make sure Samsung Notes is turned on. On your new device, open Samsung Notes and select Settings under Import data from Samsung account, then choose Sync with Samsung Cloud.

  • How do I change my password for Samsung Notes?

    When asked for a password, tap Reset password instead. Confirm your identity with your fingerprint or verify via email to create a new password.

  • How do I recover my deleted Samsung Notes?

    First, make sure your Samsung Notes are backed up in your Samsung Cloud. Then, go to Settings > Cloud and accounts > Restore data. Choose Documents and tap Restore.

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