How to Access in Sparrow for Mac

Desktop office computer
essenin quijada / Getty Images lets you do email on the web with but a browser and just about wherever you are. Sparrow for Mac does email on your desk (or lap, of course). How about having them talk?

You can set up Sparrow to download messages from It's not full conversing that would synchronize folders and actions, but you am get incoming messages, at least, and send mail using as well.

Access in Sparrow for Mac

To set up an account in Sparrow (for downloading mail and sending from your address, but not synchronizing folders with on the web):

  • Select Sparrow | Preferences… from your Sparrow for Mac's menu.
  • Go to the Accounts tab.
  • Click + beneath the accounts list.
  • Enter, under Your Name:, the name you want to appear as the sender when you send using your account in Sparrow.
  • Type your address under Email:.
  • Now enter an application password or your password under Password:.
  • Click Create.
  • If Sparrow runs into problems setting up the account:
    • Optionally, retype your email address and password and click Create again.
    • Click Custom….
    • Make sure POP is selected under Server Type:.
    • Enter "" (not including the quotation marks) under Server:.
    • Make sure your full address (including "", "" or "", for instance) is typed under Login:.
    • Retype your application password or password under Password:; especially, of course, if you got a login error.
    • Enter "995" (again without the quotation marks) under Port:.
    • Make sure Secure connection is checked.
    • Click Next.
    • Enter "" (excluding the quotation marks) under SMTP Server:.
    • Type "587" (disregarding, yes, the quotation marks) under Port:.
    • Make sure Secure connection is checked.
    • Now make sure Use Authentication is checked as well.
    • Type your full email address under Login:.
    • Optionally, re-type your application password or pass-phrase under Password:.
    • Click Next.
  • Close the Preferences window.