How to Access the Hidden Nintendo Switch Browser

A workaround that actually works

The Nintendo Switch is missing one feature commonly found on many electronic devices: a web browser. It does use the NetFront Browser NX, much like the Nintendo 3DS XL, but it's somewhat hidden. Its main purpose is to connect your console to Wi-Fi hotspots. Here's how to find and use it.

The instructions in this guide should work on both the original Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite.

How to Access the Nintendo Switch Web Browser

The Switch's secret web browser is simple. It's not the best mobile browsing experience; a smartphone gets the job done much better. But if you want to check it out, follow the below instructions:

  1. Select System Settings from the Nintendo Switch dashboard.

    The System Settings icon
  2. Select Internet > Internet Settings.

    You can find your Internet settings under the Internet section of the Switch's system settings
  3. Select your current Wi-Fi connection to access its information page, then select Change Settings.

    You need to change your network settings to access the Switch's hidden browser
  4. Scroll down and select DNS Settings.

  5. Change the DNS settings from Automatic to Manual.

    The Manual setting
  6. Set the Primary DNS to

    Change your Primary DNS to access the Switch's web browser
  7. Select Save to connect to the SwitchBru DNS page. Wait roughly eight seconds to be redirected to Google.

    If nothing happens after eight seconds, select News from the Switch dashboard, then select Find Channels.

    The Save button

Why This Nintendo Switch Browser Workaround Works

Using this method sets up a DNS proxy, which tricks your Nintendo Switch into thinking it needs a public Wi-Fi access point to connect to the internet. The SwitchBru DNS serves as that proxy, allowing you to bypass login information to access public Wi-Fi.

Even though the browser works, not all web pages may load as normal. Pages with videos may not load and some may simply display a "page cannot be displayed" error. The most reliable thing to do with this web browser is to access Google search.

How to Disconnect From the Switch Internet Browser

When you're done using the Switch's browser, press the Back button on your Nintendo Switch until you reach the DNS Settings page. From there, change the DNS setting from Manual to Automatic.