The Right Way to Open Gmail From Within Outlook Mail

Link Gmail to your Hotmail or Outlook account with these simple steps

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If you want to keep your Gmail email address but use the interface on to send mail from it, you can link your Gmail account to Outlook Mail to get the best of both worlds.

Once you've completed the steps below, you'll be able to send mail from your Gmail address but not have to log in to to do it; it's all done right there in your Outlook Mail account. In fact, you can add up to 20 Gmail accounts (or other email accounts) to Outlook Mail to join all your email accounts into one.

The method below works for any email account that you use on, including,, etc.

If you want to get all your Gmail emails in but would rather not actually import your entire Gmail account or send from your Gmail account through Outlook Mail, you can simply set up Gmail to forward messages to your Outlook account.

How to Access Gmail From Outlook Mail

Follow these steps in order to use Gmail within your account (or to speed things up, open this link to your Outlook Mail settings and then skip down to Step 3):

  1. Use the settings button at the top right to find and click/tap the Options item.

  2. From the left pane, navigate to Accounts > Connected accounts.

  3. Choose Gmail from the right pane, under Add a connected account, to start the wizard.

  4. On the Connect your Google account screen, enter the display name that you want to use when sending mail from Gmail through Outlook Mail.

    • On this screen are multiple other options. You use Gmail fully within Outlook Mail by importing all the messages and have the option to send from the Gmail address at any time. Or, you can choose the other option that sets up Gmail as a send-only account (no emails will be transferred to your Outlook account but you will still be able to send messages from Gmail).
    • If you chose the first option from above to import the messages, then at the bottom of the screen on this step is also where you need to choose where they go. You can have the messages imported into a new folder or have all the emails put into their corresponding places in Outlook Mail (e.g., Inbox messages from Gmail go to the Inbox folder in Outlook).
  5. Click or tap the OK button.

  6. Log on to the Gmail account that you want to use in Outlook Mail, and allow any requests for Microsoft to access your account.

  7. Click/tap OK on the page that shows the confirmation explaining that your Gmail account has been connected to Outlook Mail.

You can check the progress of the Gmail import at any time from the same screen in Step 2 above. You'll see the "Update in progress" status until the transfer is completed, which might take a while if you have lots of emails. When it's finished, you'll see it change to "Up to date."

How to Send Mail From Gmail on

Now that Gmail is connected to Outlook Mail, you need to change the "From" address so that you can send new mail from Gmail:

  1. Return to Step 2 above and then click or tap the link on the bottom of that page called Change your "From" address.

  2. On the Default From address screen, open the drop-down menu and choose your Gmail account.

  3. Select Save to make your Gmail account the new default "send as" address in Outlook Mail.

Doing this will only change the email address that is used when composing new emails. When you reply to a message, you can always pick your Outlook address or your Gmail address (or any others you've added) by choosing one from the From button at the top of the message.