Access an Inbox.Com Account in Your Email Program

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Sure, the web interface to your account is great and you use it all the time. But you also use your desktop email program for other mail, and some consolidation would be nice, or maybe a local backup, or offline handling of certain messages on a trip.

The possibilities are endless, and makes downloading all your mail to any email program a snap. You just have to set it up once.

Access an Account in Your Desktop Email Program

To access your mail in any email program:

  1. Select Settings from the top navigation bar.
  2. Follow the POP3 access link under Email options.
  3. Click on how to activate POP3 access.
  4. Now click the Activate POP3/SMTP Access button.
  5. Return to your POP3 access settings by following the Settings and then the POP3 access links from your Inbox.
  6. If you want to retrieve all mail stored in your account, make sure Allow POP3 access to emails older than POP3 access activation is checked.
    1. Old emails will only be downloaded once. Subsequent mail checks will only fetch new mail.
  7. Optionally:
    1. Enable downloading of new mail in your Spam folder and for mail, you sent from the web interface.
    2. Disable downloading of messages not yet verified by their senders if you have challenge/response spam filtering enabled in
  8. Click Save settings.

Keep in mind that your email program cannot delete mail from the online account. If you want to remove messages permanently, you have to do it through the web interface.

Configuring Your Email Program

Now set up a new account in your email program:

If your email program is not listed above, set up an account with the following details:

  • POP (incoming mail) server:
  • Port: 110.
  • Username: your full email address (e.g.
  • Password: your password.
  • SMTP (outgoing mail) server:
  • Port: 25.
  • Require SMTP authentication: Yes.
  • Username: your full email address.
  • Password: your password.