How to Access AirG Chat on a Desktop PC

Meet new friends right from your desktop

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As one of the most popular mobile chat services, AirG Chat, offers a wide variety of interactive chat rooms and interesting people to meet. Yet, for many, sluggish cell phone service can often disrupt members from experiencing the service to the fullest with slow load times, device freezes and more.

Rather than settle for slow AirG Chat service, this tutorial will show you how to access the service with an Internet connection and their home, work or library computers. If you have ever attempted to open the AirG website with a regular web browser, you will notice you are unable to see what you normally would with your phone or mobile device.

You will be required to download a number of plugins to access the site on your desktop. If you wish to opt for a no-download option, read how to use AirG Chat on your computer with a mobile simulator.

Access AirG Chat on the Computer

  1. First, you will need the latest version of Mozilla Firefox web browser on your computer. If you do not have the latest version, download Firefox for free on their website.

  2. Next, download the XHTML Mobile Profile 0.5.3 add-on for Firefox; this add-on helps your Firefox browser read the AirG WAP page properly by removing HTML and rendering the pages properly.

  3. Next, download the Preferences menu item for Firefox, which will allow you to spoof your web browser as a mobile web browser.

  4. Once all three elements (Firefox browser and both add-ons) are installed on your computer, launch Firefox browser to continue.

  5. Click "Prefs" on the Firefox menu bar along the top of the browser window, then select "Spoof," then the "KeepOut" radio button.

  6. Finally, enter the AirG Chat website address as follows:

  7. The AirG Chat site will appear as it would in your mobile browser. Users can then sign in and use the service from their desktop just as they would on their cell phones with increased speed.

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