How to Access Your AIM Mail Account via POP or IMAP

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AIM Mail IMAP and POP access let you set up your email in any email program on a computer or device.

On the Web, Almost Like on the Desktop

AIM Mail is wrapped in a distinctly friend, fun and functional web-based interface at With drag-and-drop functionality, new mail announcements and what not, AIM Mail feels a lot like a desktop application.

But desktop software it is not.

On the Desktop, Still Faster: IMAP and POP Access

If you miss the speed, richness in features and offline access of a desktop email client, AIM Mail has very practicable solutions that get you the best of both worlds: IMAP and POP access.

AIM Mail IMAP access lets you see all the folders and message you see on the web in the same manner in your desktop email program. If you read a message in the email client, it will be marked read on the web and vice versa. Everything works seamlessly and stays in sync without effort. Now here's how to set up all this beauty.

Access AIM Mail in Your Email Program: Program-Specific Instructions

For detailed instructions, select your email program:

or follow the instructions below if your program is not in the list.

Access Your AIM Mail Account in Your Email Program via IMAP: General Settings

To access your free AIM Mail account in any email program:

  1. Make sure your email program can access IMAP accounts.
  2. Create a new account with the following settings:
    • IMAP (incoming mail) server:
    • IMAP login: your AIM Mail login name (your AIM nickname; do not append "").
    • IMAP password: your AIM password.
    • IMAP SSL/TLS required: yes.
    • IMAP port: 993.
  3. Make sure SSL is not enabled for the newly created AIM Mail account in your email client.
  4. Set up outgoing mail (via SMTP), too.

Access Your AIM Mail Account in Your Email Program via POP: General Settings

If you prefer to download all mail and keep it locally on your computer, POP access might be right for you.

To download mail from your AIM Mail account into your email program using POP:

  1. Create a new account with the following settings:
    • POP (incoming mail) server:
    • POP login: your AIM Mail login name (your AIM screen name; do not append "").
    • POP password: your AIM password.
    • POP SSL/TLS required: yes.
    • POP port: 995.
  2. Set up outgoing mail (via SMTP).

(Updated February 2016)