Convert Forms to Reports in Microsoft Access

Use one of two methods to convert between paper and electronic reports

There are two primary ways to convert a Microsoft Access form to a report — one in which the data becomes static and appears as you want it to print, and one in which the data remains active and can be manipulated to organize the report as you want it to look before printing it.

Instructions in this article apply to Access 2019, Access 2016, Access 2013, and Access for Microsoft 365.

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Creating a Form in Access

Before you can use access to make a report from a form, you must create a form. A form is a database object that you can use to make a user interface. The simplest way to make a form is by using the Form Wizard.

  1. Open the Access database in which you want to create a form.

  2. Select the Create tab and choose Form Wizard in the Forms group. The Form Wizard will open.

    Screenshot of Form Wizard on Create tab in Access
  3. Select the table or query on which you want the form to be based.

    Screenshot of Form Wizard in Access
  4. Select each field you want to include in the form and choose the > button for each one. This will move the fields to the Selected Fields list.

    Screenshot of Fields in Access Form Wizard
  5. Select Next to continue.

    Selecting Next in the Form Wizard.
  6. Select the layout you want to use for your form and choose Next.

    Screenshot of layouts in Access Form Wizard
  7. Enter a title for the form and choose Finish.

    Screenshot of title field on Access Form Wizard

Converting a Form for Printing

The process for converting a form so you can print it as a report is relatively easy.

Open the report and review it to make sure that it appears as you want it to before printing. When you are ready, click Report Under Objects under Database and select the report.           

  1. Open the database and its relevant form.

  2. Select the File tab and choose Save As.

    Screenshot of Save As on File tab in Access
  3. Select Save Object As.

    Screenshot of Save Object As in Access
  4. Go to the section called Save the current database object and select Save Object As.

    Saving the current database object.
  5. Select Save As. Enter the name for the report under Save ‘Campaign List Subform’ to in the pop-up window.

    Screenshot of Save As in Access
  6. Change As from Form to Report.

    Screenshot of Report in Save As options in Access
  7. Select OK to save the form as a report.

Converting a Form to a Report That Can Be Modified

Converting a form to a report that you can modify is only slightly more complicated because you have to be aware of what view you are in when you save the report.

  1. Open the database that contains the form you want to use. 

  2. Right-click on the form you want to convert and click Design View

    Screenshot of Design View in right-click menu of Access form
  3. Go File > Save As > Save Object As.

    Screenshot of Save Object As on File tab in Access
  4. Select Save Object As and choose Save As.

    Screenshot of Save As button on Save Object As screen in Access
  5. Enter the name for the report in the pop-up window and choose Report in the As box.

    Screenshot of Save As box in Access
  6. Select OK.

Now you can make adjustments to the report without starting from scratch or saving a new version of the form. If you think that the new look should become the permanent look, you can update the form to match the changes that you made to the report. 

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