SSuite Accel Review

Create and edit spreadsheets for free

SSuite Accel is a free spreadsheet program. One unique feature is its ability to open files from online storage services.

SSuite Accel
What We Like
  • Quick download/small setup file.

  • Supports basic file formats.

  • Portable options available.

What We Don't Like
  • Slow installation.

  • Installs other utilities you may not want.

  • Crowded toolbars.

  • Supports a small number of file formats.

Another SSuite program, QT Calc Express, is designed differently than the full program but is completely portable. For an identical, but portable version of the full program, you must download the entire SSuite Office software, which also includes WordGraph, a file search tool, and various other utilities.

SSuite Accel Description

  • This free spreadsheet program works with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and 2000.
  • SSuite Accel is able to open and save to CSV, TXT, XLS, and BMS. The program can also open SSuite Accel Template files that end with the VTS file extension.
  • An advanced print preview lets you see live changes on how the print will look as you modify things like whether or not to print row and column headings or grid lines. You can also change the paper size and orientation from the same screen.
  • Cells can be formatted for a currency, percentage, fraction, date, time, or scientific data.
  • SSuite Accel's cell contents can be aligned within the cell and set to bold, italic, and/or underline.
  • Functions are separated into eight categories like reference, statistical, time, and logical.
  • The "find" utility can optionally search in formulas as well as a cell's regular content.
  • You can switch to full-screen mode to hide the toolbars and create a more open experience.
  • 2D and 3D charts can be inserted into an SSuite Accel file, as well as pictures, list boxes, emoticons, checkboxes, the current date and time, and random numbers.
  • Cell data can be converted from decimal to binary/octal/hex and vice versa.
  • You're able to draw a line, rectangle, oval, arc, or polygon directly on a sheet.
  • A list of common words or sentences can be created in SSuite Accel so you can insert the phrase from a simple list at any time.
  • There's an option to open files directly from the Dropbox and OneDrive online file storage services.
  • Data can be quickly sorted in ascending or descending order with one click on the toolbar.
  • You can connect data sources to import content from a database.
  • Worksheet attributes can be changed, such as a cell's background color, pattern, and border; a row's height and hidden status; a column's width and hidden status; the position of the sheet tabs on the screen; and the worksheet's background color.
  • Custom auto full lists can be created, such as auto-filling the days of the week or holidays in a year.

Final Thoughts on SSuite Accel

Given that better spreadsheet programs like WPS Office Spreadsheets and OpenOffice Calc are available, I don't recommend using SSuite Accel unless you for some reason are forced into it, like if those other better programs don't install correctly or take up too much storage space.

What Not to Like

The spell check feature isn't automatic, formulas aren't suggested as you type, the program itself is hard to look at, small things like quickly closing tabs from the right-click menu are missing, and it doesn't let you open a wide variety of file formats. If you want any of these options, choosing one of those other free spreadsheet programs is surely your best bet.

My criticism doesn't stop there, though. I say above that you can open files from cloud storage services. While it's true that the option is present, I wasn't able to get both of them to work, which is unfortunate.

What to Like

do like, however, that, unlike WPS Office Spreadsheets and OpenOffice Calc, you don't need to download an entire office suite just to use the spreadsheet program. This goes for both the portable and regular installer options. When you use the download link on this page, you can get the MS Excel lookalike only, without having to also grab the whole office suite.

Quite honestly, aside from the free spreadsheet templates they offer on their website, that's the only SSuite Accel feature worth talking about. If for some reason the other programs are just too much to handle, SSuite Accel can still be used for a variety of formulas and other basic spreadsheet needs.

All in all, I highly recommend the other programs before this one.

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