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Abuse is a side-scrolling action platform game with a fairly unique control system. Standard movement in Abuse is controlled with the keyboard arrow keys while the mouse is used to aim and fire your gun. These were fairly unique game mechanics for a platform game and the time when it was released. Abuse was originally released in 1994 by Electronic Arts and is a sci-fi game set in the year 2009. In it, players take on the role of Nick Vrenna, a wrongly convicted prisoner who has been incarcerated in a prison where the staff performs medical experiments on prisoners. However, these experiments have gone terribly wrong and have turned all inmates, with the exception of Nick, into mutants. Armed with a laser gun, Nick tries to not only escape the prison but also stop the mutation from spreading to the outside world.

In addition to the controls already mentioned, the gameplay includes fighting various mutant types and some fairly basic puzzle solving. The game's source code was released a few years after release by the original development company, Crack dot Com and it has gone through a number of ports including a Linux, Mac, Wii Homebrew Amiga OS4 and iOS ports. The download links for the free PC version of Abuse are detailed below. While the game is not part of the list of top freeware platformer games, it did receive positive reviews upon release and has accumulated mostly positive reviews on the third-party hosting sites.

Abuse Game Details

Genre: Platformer
Theme: Sci-Fi
License: Freeware
Misc: Freeware remake of the commercial game using the original source code.
File Download: 3.1MB

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