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Who We Are

Lifewire provides expert-created, real-world technology content for more than 10 million users like you every month. We have more than 50 technology professionals — software developers, educators, web designers, speakers, consultants, and more — all producing articles with informative visuals and straightforward instruction. Our library of more than 17,000 pieces of content, created and refined over the past 20 years, helps you fix tech gadgets that aren’t working properly, learn how to perform specific tasks, and find the best products — without the confusing jargon you’ll find on other sites. Lifewire is a top-10 technology information site, according to comScore, a leading Internet measurement company, and has been honored with multiple Communicator Awards.

You don’t live and breathe technology, but you do use it everyday and you expect it to work. Our goal is to help you get the most out of the technology in your life. We are Lifewire, Tech Untangled.

Our Writers

Our writers have extensive experience working with the tech they write about. They are leaders in the field — hosting talks, creating technology videos or podcasts, developing apps and software, or teaching online/in-person classes about their subjects — and the majority of our writers hold advanced degrees. Most importantly, these are real people who use the technology they write about, and are passionate about sharing that knowledge and expertise with others.

Meet some of our writers:

Sam Costello

Sam Costello is a professional technologist and has been writing for Lifewire since 2016, with a career in technology dating back to 2001.

Prior to Lifewire, Sam covered technology for About.com for nearly ten years. He has been featured on CNN, PC World, InfoWord, ComputerWorld, NetworkWorld and MacWorld, and he’s been U.S. correspondent for IDG News Service and an on-air guest for numerous radio stations discussing various types of technology. He is also the author of My Apple TV and My iPad for Kids. Sam holds a B.A. in Media Studies from Ithaca College.

Karen Marcus

Karen Marcus is a professional freelance writer with more than 20 years experience in the technology space. She’s written for Brainstorm, Website Compass, and Business Connections eNewsletter, as well as tech companies including HP, IBM, Intel, Samsung, and Amazon Web Services.

She has a B.A. in English Literature from University of Colorado at Denver; and an M.A. in English from Colorado State University.

Rose de Fremery

Rose de Fremery is a former IT Director and has been writing about technology since 2011. Her work has appeared on sites like Ziff-Davis, Sage, Vonage, The Mighty Guides, and more.

In addition to her work for Lifewire, Rose currently writes about technology trends for leading companies such as HP, IBM, Intel, and WordPress. She has also served as Managing Editor of The Social Media Monthly. Rose holds a B.A. in English with a minor in Computer Science from Oberlin College.

Editorial Guidelines

We take great pride in the quality of our content. While we cover hundreds of different topics, they all have one thing in common: readers looking for tech information they can trust. Our writers create high-quality, original, accurate, expert content that is free of ethical concerns, conflicts, or misinformation. If you ever come across an article you think needs to be improved, please email us at feedback@lifewire.com and let us know.

Our product reviews are independent and based on research and product testing — if you visit links within our content, we may receive commissions from your purchases, but we never receive any compensation or consideration for the content of our recommendations. Learn more about our review process here.

Our Team

Photo of Tim Fisher, Lifewire GM and Writer
Tim Fisher
General Manager, VP, Lifewire.com

In addition to serving as GM and VP of Lifewire, Tim has been professionally installing and servicing technology for over 30 years and writing about it for more than 20 years. Tim likes to talk (a lot) and has been quoted or referenced in many major online and print publications, including The New York Times, Forbes, Computerworld, Engadget, and hundreds of other sites. When he's not at work, he's busy trying to figure out when the universe will end. 

S. E. Slack
S.E. Slack
Strategy Director, Lifewire.com

A true crime fanatic, S.E. (Sally) Slack has been a professional technology writer writing for consumer and business publications for longer than she cares to admit. As the Strategy Director at Lifewire, she manages a team of more than 20 freelance writers and employees to produce and maintain all the how-to and fix content on the site. When she's not working, she's researching someone's family tree to see if they or a family member fit the crime. Is your DNA profile next on her list?


What Our Readers Say

"I tried to power on my laptop and there was no sign of power. Today is an important day because I have many deadlines that I have to meet by midnight. I am incredibly grateful to your instructions on how to turn on a computer that is not powering on. Thank you very much for writing an article about this. You saved me much grief, time, and further pain."

-Naz, March 2019

"Thank you so so much for the advice on this web site. Now I can truly listen to Spotify with happiness and the sound is out of this world. You guys are pretty smart. I've been having problems with Bluetooth through my cell for weeks and weeks and now the audio sounds great for Spotify on my Kenwood stereo. Thank you truly from the bottom of my heart. Have a great evening!"

-Charlene, February 2019

"I spent three hours trying to create an html signature for Thunderbird and then I found your site! It took me 5 minutes… simple! Thanks for the very clear instructions, unlike so MANY tech sites. I'll be back! Have a great day!"

-Phil, February 2019

About Dotdash

Lifewire is part of the Dotdash publishing family.

Dotdash brands help people find answers, solve problems, and get inspired. We reach over 100 million people each month, more than 35% of the U.S. online population, according to comScore, and are one of the largest content publishers on the Internet. Dotdash brands collectively have won more than 50 industry awards in the last year alone, and are among the fastest-growing in their categories. Our brands include Verywell, Investopedia, The Spruce, The Balance, Byrdie, MyDomaine, Brides, Lifewire, TripSavvy, Liquor.com and Treehugger.

Here is an overview of our properties:

Verywell (Health and Wellness): The Verywell family of brands, including Verywell HealthVerywell FitVerywell Family, and Verywell Mind, take a human approach to health and wellness content and are a welcome alternative to hyper-clinical health sites. More than 34 million people use Verywell sites each month to feel better and be healthier.

Investopedia (Investing and Financial Education)Investopedia helps investors understand financial concepts, improve investing skills, and learn how to manage their money. Investopedia reaches nearly 19 million people each month.

The Spruce (Home and Food): The Spruce family of brands, including The SpruceThe Spruce EatsThe Spruce Pets, and The Spruce Crafts combine inspiration with how-to advice to help users create homes they love. Collectively, The Spruce sites reach nearly 44 million people each month.

The Balance (Personal Finance): The Balance family of brands, including The BalanceThe Balance Careers, and The Balance Small Business, deliver clear, practical, and straightforward personal financial advice to 19 million people each month.

Byrdie (Beauty)Byrdie is dedicated to all things beauty, inside and out. From hair and makeup to health and wellness, Byrdie takes a fresh, no-nonsense approach to feeling and looking your best. Byrdie reaches over six million people each month.

MyDomaine (Lifestyle)MyDomaine makes an aspirational life achievable—and affordable—with curated home-design inspiration, quick and fresh recipes, and healthy relationship advice that awaken a life well lived. MyDomaine reaches over two million people each month.

Brides (Lifestyle)Brides inspires and guides our two million monthly users as they make decisions from pre-engagement through the honeymoon. Brides is committed to bringing you an inclusive look at the world of weddings, with every type of couple, every type of wedding, and every type of celebration.

Lifewire (Tech)Lifewire provides helpful, actionable tech tips, advice, and answers, without confusing jargon. Lifewire helps nearly nine million people each month get the most out of their technology.

TripSavvy (Travel)TripSavvy delivers curated expert advice for family and vacation travelers. We help over two million people each month have the best travel experiences.

Liquor.com (Home and Food): Liquor.com is dedicated to good drinking and great living. We inspire, entertain and educate over three million people each month interested in what happens in the glass and out of it.

TreeHugger (Sustainability): Treehugger is the only modern sustainability site that offers advice, clarity, and inspiration for both the eco-savvy and the green living novice. With more than three million monthly users, Treehugger is one of the world’s largest information sites dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream.

Thoughtco (Education and Information)ThoughtCo is one of the largest and most comprehensive learning, information, and education sites online. ThoughtCo helps nearly eight million people a month become lifelong learners.

Source: comScore, April 2020 US

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