6 Things to Know about the 'Netflix and Chill' Meme

The Phrase That's No Longer Meant to Be Taken Literally

The "Netflix and chill" meme was the big meme that dominated the summer of 2015. If you're connected to any teens or young adults in their very early twenties on social media, then chances are you've seen the phrase used at least once.

Netflix and chill has become the new teen idiom for "let's hook up" -- similar to the classic "come inside for a coffee" after a date. But despite its clear NSFW nature, the Internet has been having too much fun using the meme to create spin-offs that are just plain hilarious and not sexually suggestive at all. Enough to prove how big a meme it really is.

Here are six random (but interesting) things you might want to know about Netflix and chill for no particular reason other than being strangely entertaining.

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Its success may have a lot to do with another previously popular meme.

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One of the earliest known uses of Netflix and chill was from the starter pack meme that took over Tumblr in 2014. It was a meme of its own that had users sharing sets of four photos to exaggerate and stereotype a common activity or an idea. To sum it up, a "Netflix and chill" starter pack meme was shared and the rest is history. The "starter pack" reference comes from the kits of equipment and instructions you can get for certain hobbies and other activities.

Call it the circle of memes if you will.  You can see the original starter pack meme that possibly helped give birth to the Netflix and chill meme, here on Twitter.

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Everyone is obsessed with sharing 'the look' after 20 minutes.

Netflix and chill has been expanded to include an even more detailed spin-off of the meme that everyone just can't seem to get enough of online. It goes something like this:

"20 minutes into Netflix and chill and he/she gives you this look: [photo of a facial expression.]"

Have a look through some of what's been posted on Tumblr and you'll get the idea.

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It's largely fuelled by the endless amount of variations it can have.

It's not just about Netflix anymore. Oh, no. Now it's "[fill in the blank with an enjoyable activity] and chill." Bonus points if there's a photo.

I've seen Seinfeld and chill, Hell's Kitchen and chill, Post-impressionism and chill, League of Legends and chill, and countless other variations that poke fun at the original Netflix and chill phrase with other trendy activities instead.

The Daily Dot has ​a short list of variations you can quickly browse through to get a sense of just how extreme this meme has become.

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The meme's strength has reminded everyone of a time before Netflix existed.

One of the most interesting things about the Netflix and chill meme is that it's been making a lot of people feel really old. Given that Netflix is a relatively recent form of entertainment, people who are 20 or older haven't been able to help but comment on the fact that not too long ago, Netflix and chill would've been the equivalent of "let's watch a movie" or "let's watch some TV."

It's led to all sorts of nostalgia-inspired variations being shared and talked about -- including Blockbuster and chill, VCR and chill, and Nintendo and chill.

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There's a song and music video about it.

In early July of 2015, YouTube user Badger Way uploaded a ridiculous song and music video dedicated to Netflix and chill. You can watch it here.

By no means is it considered to have gone viral with just under 34,000 views in about two months, but the fact that it exists was worth mentioning here. As if that wasn't meme-worthy enough for you, consider the fact that a website reported a fake story about a mother allegedly suing Netflix for getting her daughter pregnant during a Netflix and chill session.

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The media is trying to explain the meme to older people who don't get it.

You know that a meme is big when every media website under the sun is reporting on its popularity (including us here at Lifewire.com). It's been talked about by MicThe Washington Post, Yahoo News, and countless other online publications.

Just do a search for "Netflix and chill" in Google News and you'll find tons of stories about it. For a meme that originated and thrived only around the teen-driven parts of the social web (i.e., Tumblr), it sure has made quite the impact on almost all corners of the web in recent months.