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There are countless platforms out there that you can use to build your own free personal website, but not all of them will deliver the same sense of quality and professionalism. If you’re looking for something fast and simple that you just need to represent a landing page for yourself, could be one of your best alternatives to choose from.

What Is is a simple personal website platform that lets you create a very simple landing page. The purpose of the landing page is to offer a brief summary of what you're all about and include a call-to-action for visitors, such as booking an appointment, check out out your latest book, attending your event or signing up for your newsletter.

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Lifewire / Brianna Gilmartin has both free and paid options. The free version is very limited in terms of features, but you can upgrade for a small fee of $7 per month to get more.

How Is Different from Other Website Platforms?

Other website and blog building tools like Blogger,, and Tumblr offer much more in terms of website building features, including the ability to host several web pages, publish blog posts, use different themes and more. These platforms are more appropriate for larger, more extensive websites.

An website is perfect for including in your email signature, in your social profiles' website sections or even printed directly on your business cards. People who want to know more about you can quickly read your short description and decide whether they want to connect with you further.

Why Should You Have an Page?

If you're a business owner or professional of some sort who doesn't have a website, you can point colleagues, clients, and prospects to your page so they can find out more about you and connect with you in all the right places. Even if you do already have a website, offers a more personal and direct way for people to connect with you.'s Main Features

Setting up an page is free and incredibly easy. You'll be walked through the entire process.

Here are the main features you are given access to once you sign up for a free account:

Name: Include your first and last name.

Photo: Upload a professional-looking profile photo.

Location: Select your location to tell visitors where you're from.

Interests: Select five interests from the suggested interest tags.

Occupation: Type out what you do for a living or select it from the suggested occupation tags.

Call-to-Action: Select the type of action you want your visitors to take. For instance, if you're an accountant, you might want visitors to book an initial consultation with you by scheduling an appointment.

Call-to-Action Details: Provide additional details and information based on the type of call-to-action you selected.

Some call-to-actions are only available with a Pro subscription.

Layout: Choose from one of three professional-looking layouts.

Layout Color: Select a color scheme for your layout.

Domain: Select the Continue with a free page link to set up your domain with ( will automatically write your bio description for you based on the information you provided during the setup process, but you can edit this by selecting Edit your bio on the right.

Once you're done setting up your new page, you can share your link anywhere you like.

The Pro version of allows you to connect your own domain, include an email signature with your domain, create a custom spotlight button, capture leads, and book appointments via your Google account, add more features to your page (like testimonials, videos, portfolio), remove's branding from your page and view page stats via Google Analytics.

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