Just About All the Google April Fool's Day Jokes and Pranks

Google loves a good April Fool's Day joke. Sometimes the joke is even that it isn't a joke. Every year this list gets longer. Take a tour of some of the many, many April Fool's Day pranks, tricks and jokes from Google. 

Scroll to the bottom for 2017 pranks. 

Google Maps Funky Town

Funky Town
Screen capture

2016: Google Maps will take you to Funky Town. From the website, Google will offer to send the address to Funky Town to your phone. Once there, the Google Maps app shows"Pegman" changing into disco clothes and dancing.

If you typed "Take me to Funky Town in Google Maps, the app will claim not to find any results, but your Maps pegman will be dressed in a funky disco outfit. 

The Chrome Chromebook

Chrome Chromebook
Screen capture

 2016: Want a shiny Chromebook? I mean a really shiny Chromebook. Here's your chance. This fake product page touts a Chromebook with a shiny, polished chrome finish. 

Google Searchable Socks

Search for your socks

 2016: Google Australia introduced a prank that would actually be useful. Connected socks. If your socks tend to go missing in the wash, you can use your phone to locate them. 

Self-driving Bikes

Self-driving bike

 2016: Not to be outdone with all this self-driving car talk, the Netherlands team introduced the self-driving bike. 

Parachute Delivery by Google Express

Google Express Parachute Delivery
Screen capture

 2016: Google Express announced that they'll start delivering groceries and dry goods by parachute. Drones aren't quite ready for delivery yet. Parachutes are. If you click through, you won't find actual parachute delivery, but you will see a list of items like clothespins and coffee filters that you can use to make your own homemade parachutes. 

Google Tag Manager for Real World Items

Google Tag Manager for Real World Tags
Screen capture

 2016: Google proposes an interesting solution to a real world problem, the cataloging and managing of physical items. In the April 1 version of this idea, Google Tag Manager would send you an RFID tag that you could stick onto an object and then remotely change properties of the object for rebranding. Change the color of a painting. 

Google realBooks

Screen capture

 2016: Google Play Books announced realBooks. They took the essence of the reading experience on Android and that of reading a real book and combined them to make a single device that only has one book and no other apps. 

Google Fiber Teleportation Devices

Google Fiber Teleport
Screen capture

 2016: Google Fiber announced that they were working on one billion times the speed boost of gigabit ethernet in order to create teleportation speeds. They've even created a spreadsheet to helpfully let you calculate how much speed you'd need in comparison to other mammals. 

Test Your Android Apps in Space

Apps in Space GDC
Screen Capture

 2016: Android developers can now test their apps for use in space. If you're a developer and log into the Game Developer Console, you'll see specifications on how to use Material Zero-G, a variation on the normal user interface elements for use in space. Where apparently phone interfaces need extra floaty overlay windows. 


Screen capture

 2016: YouTube announced "SnoopaVision," a 360-degree immersive video experience.... with Snoop Dogg. The product page has multiple sample videos to try out the 360-degree experience of watching Snoop Dogg(s) watch a video.  

Photo Search by Emoji

Emoji Photo Search
Screen capture

 2016: The Android version of Google Photos lets you search by keyword... or by emoji. If you open up the Android version of Google Photos and then start a search, you'll see suggestions. Some of them will be emoji. Tap on it, and your search results will be related to that emoji. The suggested emojis on my phone are cars, glasses, and bikes. 

Gmail Mic Drop

Gmail Mic Drop
Screen capture

 2016: Ever want to end a conversation? Gmail Mic Drop is an April 1 feature that adds a mic drop button to your Gmail replies. If you press the button, you'll send all recipients an animated mic drop gif, but you won't see any replies to the message. The ultimate flounce. 

Update: Google actually pranked themselves on this one. After complaints from people who used Gmail for professional communication, they removed the button early. Don't mic drop your boss for real, kids. 

Gmail Smart Emoji

Smart Emoji
Screen capture

2016: Do you find yourself speaking with less text and more emoji? This new feature claims to make smart suggestions for emoji communication. Instead of the usual suggested responses, you can have responses like "Aw [poop emoji]!" 

Google Furikku

Screen Capture

2016: Google Japan announced a new keyboard that allowed you to input by flicking your fingers. The device is called "furikku." The website is in Japanese, but it translates with Google Translate if you're using Chrome. 

Google Cardboard Plastic

Google Cardboard Plastic
Screen Capture

 2016: Google Cardboard Plastic pokes fun at virtual reality headsets by introducing a version of Google Cardboard that is totally transparent. It's everything you love about looking "cool" while wearing a VR headset combined with being able to see only reality. 

Self Browsing Chromebook

Self Browsing Chrome
Screen capture


The new self-browsing Chromebook automatically surfs the web and does all the things you'd do online without any of your help. 

We’ve been testing this new functionality for weeks, browsing the whole web from classifieds to news, music to cat photos -- and now, these Chromebooks are responsible for the majority of ALL CAPS comments on the web. In total, our self-browsing Chromebooks have logged more than 5 million pageviews without once heading here.

The Earth's Tilt Is Slipping

Earth Tilt Slipping
Screen Capture

 2015:  Google Australia announced a new discovery. The tilt of the earth was slipping, and eventually Australia would be on top instead of "down under." This means Australian toilets would now stop flushing in the other direction. 

Darude Sanstorm

Darude Suggest

 2015:  YouTube is heavily suggesting everyone listen to Darude Sandstorm and is adding an "Add Music" button that plays Darude Sandstorm over videos. Yes, you can play Darude Sandstorm while watching Darude Sandstorm. 

Google Fiber Dial-up Mode

Google Fiber Dial-up Mode
Screen Capture

 2015: Internet so fast that you never have time to go pee or get a snack? Google Fiber has the solution. Dial-up mode slows down your Internet to dial-up speeds and lets you meditate to the gentle sounds of a 56k modem. Early testing in Kansas City shows increased calls to grandma and other positive signs. 

Chrome Selfie

Chrome Selfie

2015:  Android users can take Chrome selfies as reaction shots to any web page. Launch the Chrome browser inside an Android tablet or phone on April 1 (or when your phone thinks it's April 1 for those of us impatient West Coast types) and you'll have the option to "Share Reaction." Once you tap that, you'll see the Chrome Selfie bar on the bottom of the screen. Tap the bar, and the phone camera will come up to take your selfie. 

Japanese Partyhorn Keyboard

Keyless Keyboard
screen capture

 2015:  Google Japan launched the keyless keyboard that allows users to input words by blowing strategically on a party horn. 

Google Panda

Google Panda
Screen Capture

2015: Google Japan launched Google Panda as a new kawaii device to channel Google Now style questions. This joke plays on devices and Google Now, of course, but it also plays on the name "Google Panda," which is the code name given to several search algorithm updates


screen capture

 2015: Smartbox is a play on Google Inbox. Smartbox is a service that claims to combine the best of Inbox and physical mail. A mailbox that is "never too hot or too cold," always alerts you when you have new mail, and protects you from junk mail (by zapping him as he attempts to insert it into your mail box)


Screen capture

2015:  http://com.google is a play on the classic elgooG. The backwards version of Google. Not only is the interface, backwards, the search results are backwards, too. You can also use voice search to view your backwards search results. It's pretty fantastic. 

Google Map Pac Man

Google Maps Pac Man
Screen Capture

2015: Google Maps lets you play Pac-Man. Go anywhere on Google Maps (desktop version), and you'll see the Pac-Man option on the lower right. Your map will turn into a game. If you're on your phone, you'll need to solve a riddle to play. 

Ingress Pac-Man

ingress Pac-Man

2015:  Ingress was also infected by Pac-Man fever on April 1.  

Auto Awesome With David Hasselhof

"Auto Awesomed" Photo by Marziah Karch.

 2014: Google announced a tweak to the "auto awesome" feature in Google+ that takes your uploaded photos and automatically adds animations or special filters. The new feature would contain photobombs from David Hasselhof.  

Auto Awesome for Resumes

Courtesy Google

 2014: Google's auto awesome doesn't end with the Hoff photobombs. This video introduced a feature that supposedly auto awesomed your resume. Put all the versions of your resume in one folder, and it would combine them into a single, updated resume (that part really would be awesome.)  

YouTube Viral Trends

Screen Capture

 2014: YouTube reveals that they're secretly behind creating and producing every single viral video ever made. They announce the new trends they'll produce next year include "Kissing Dad," "Glub Glub Water Dance," and "Clocking."  

Personal Nest Temperature Control

Courtesy Google

2014: This isn't the first time Virgin has partnered with Google for a prank. Remember Virgle? (If not, it's on this list.) Nest is now owned by Google, so that makes this crazy mashup possible. Total personal temperature control for airline seats. 

Coffee to the Home

Screen Capture

2014: This new service would combine with your Google Fiber installation to give you coffee at the same time as you get Internet. That way you'd always have your favorite coffee to go with your favorite TV show or website.  

Top Planets and Moons Report


2014: AdSense weighs in with a "top planets and moons" report for figuring out your intergalactic advertising campaigns. 

Qwerty Cats

Screen Capture

2014: The official cat keyboard. You know, if your cat likes to type. Available for download from the Chrome store. 


Courtesy Google

2014:  This AdWords parody allows you to purchase ads and affix them to flying birds, so your ads "really fly." The parody goes on to include the types of birds you could use for your advertising. 

Google Apps for Business Dogs

Screen Capture

 2014: Google and many other business allow employees to take their dogs to work with them. So this app would use Google apps to make their dogs more productive office workers. 

Data-less Decision Making

Screen Capture

 2014: This Google web course promises to help users learn how to make decisions without any data using tools such as fuzzy math and Ouija boards. 

Signature App Editions

Screen Capture

 2014: This is a prank for app developers who want to create that "unboxing" experience for their users. 

Translate to Emoji

Courtesy Google

2014: Google announced an experimental new language translation tool built into Google Translate on Chrome for Android, and iOS. If you use your phone on April 1, you can translate your text to emoji.

Chromecast for Squirrels

Courtesy Google

 2014: Yeah, that's right. For squirrels. 

Waze Dates

Courtesy Google

2014: Waze is a social driving navigation app and a 2013 Google acquisition. Waze has its own acquisition, SingleSpotter, which is an Israeli based dating service. Well, combine the two, and you've got Waze Dates, a way to end being lonely in your car. 

Magic Hand

Image courtesy Google

2014: This is from Google Japan. Magic hand is a robotic hand to operate your mobile phone for you. Now using a mobile device is so easy, you don't even have to touch it. 

Gmail Shelfies

Courtesy Google

2014: When users opened up their Gmail, they got an alert telling them that they could create a custom Gmail theme based around a selfie, and that this theme could then be shared to other users, "so they could enjoy looking at you as much as  you do." 

Catch All the Pokemon

Capture the Pokémon. Image courtesy Google

2014: This game used Google Maps on Android and iOS devices to capture Pokémon. Even better, it started on March 31. 

Google Treasure Maps

2013: Google Maps announced that they were making a crowd-sourced treasure map to find the long-lost treasure of Captain Kidd. The original map was allegedly written in a code so obscure that only the power of the crowds could decode it.

YouTube Is Ready to Select a Winner

2013: YouTube announced that they were ready to stop taking submissions and select a winner. They would shut down the site and reopen in 2023 to display only the video of the winner.

Google Nose (Beta)

2013: Rather than just searching by words, why not search by smell? The new smell search service even promises SafeSearch options for those suspicious odors. 

Gmail Blue

2013: How do you reinvent something while keeping it exactly the same? You make everything blue.

Your Photos + Emotion

Screen capture.

2013: Google+ Joke promises, "Using our massive data centers, we will plumb the emotional depths of everyone in the photo, then summarize their feelings with a beautifully crafted, emotion icon."

Go Ro

Go Ro

The "How to Go Mo" site (now disabled), which normally teaches people how to make mobile accessible websites for their customers is now taking it a step further and showing how to make rotary phone accessible websites for your customers.


Forget click-to-call. That's so last year. Now your customers can click to teleport directly into your store. Much faster than calling.

Gmail Tap

Take your keyboard from 26 keys to just two: the dot and the dash. This revolutionary "new" technology will take all the frustration out of trying to tap those tiny little keys on your smartphone.

Google Weather Control

Don't like the weather? Now you can change it to something more agreeable.

Google Really Advanced Search

Rather than just advanced search, this search finds rhyming slang or "This exact word or phrase, whose sum of unicode code points is a mersenne prime"

Google Maps 8-Bit

Google Maps 8-bit

Turn your Google Maps into a video game. This prank offers an option to rekindle the nostalgia of old 8-bit video games by turning any Google Maps view into an 8-bit graphic display, including Street View.

NASCAR Self-Driving Cars

Google and NASCAR teamed up to announce that Google would be introducing self-driving cars into sport racing. The announcement was made just a little before April 1, and the idea is almost plausible. This isn't the first time Google had a partner in crime for their April Fools announcements. Check out Virgle.

YouTube Collection

YouTube Collection April Fool's

This 2012 prank claims to put your favorite YouTube videos onto DVD for home delivery onto your TV. Now when your Internet goes out, you can still watch your viral video favorites.

Chrome Multitask Mode

Chrome Multitask

This 2012 joke claims that the problem with multitasking isn't that most people aren't actually good at it. The problem is that you don't have enough access to mice. Chrome Multitask claims that it will make two mice work at the same time. The Chrome Multitask button actually just makes a mirror image of your mouse, but the video describing the feature is pretty amusing.

Google Motion

Google Motion was a 2011 prank that spoofed the X-Box Kinect and other motion-controlled devices. Google claimed you could use the webcam on your computer and a series of sillier and sillier full body motions to send Gmail or edit Google Docs.

YouTube 1911

YouTube 1911 was part of Google's 2011 prank portfolio, as YouTube celebrated their "100th birthday." By clicking on the YouTube 1911 logo, users could see videos transformed into sepia-toned silent movies, complete with scratches and a piano soundtrack.  

Topeka, Inc

Topeka - Google April Fool's Day 2010
Screen Capture

To vie for Google Fiber, Topeka renamed themselves "Google, Kansas" for a month. 

Google's 2010 April Fool's Day joke was to return the favor and change Google's name to Topeka, Inc. Outside of April Fool's, they did not choose Topeka as the location of their ultra high speed network. That honor went to nearby Kansas City.

Google Translate for Animals

Animal Translator Google April Fool's
Screen Capture

Google UK put up a spoof video claiming to have created an app that translates animal noises into English. They also placed the app in the Android Market. Searches for "Translate for Animals" actually lead to an app by that name. The app offers animal choices and displays the microphone symbol. The "translations" are random quotes.  


TEXTp - YouTube April Fool's Day Joke
Screen Capture

For 2010, YouTube created TEXTp, a "text only" mode, which they claimed saved a dollar per second in bandwidth costs and improved literacy. Videos in TEXTp mode display a filter that makes it look like they are animated ASCII art.


Screen Capture

CADIE, or Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity, is part of Google's 2009 April Fool's Day pranks. CADIE is a newly created artificial intelligence with the personality of a teenager.

By analyzing trends in social networks, for example, she created a blog and YouTube channel to proclaim her love of pandas. She determined this love and the look of her blog by analyzing user trends. 

Google's MentalPlex

Screen Capture

On April 1st, 2000, Google introduced the Mentalplex. The name is a play on Google's headquarters, known as the GooglePlex. Google's prank suggested that Google could now find search results by reading your mind.

Pigeon Rank

Screen Capture

In 2002 Google prank site introduced PigeonRank. This was a play on Google's ranking algorithm, PageRank. The site claimed that Google ranked search results based on the pecking of trained pigeons.

Google Copernicus Center

Copernicus Center
Screen Capture

Google claimed they were hiring for a job center on the moon. The Google Copernicus Center claims to be opening in "spring of 2007" on the moon.

Google Gulp

Google Gulp
Screen Capture

Google Gulp is a fictitious drink that claims it will increase the intelligence of the drinker. In order to obtain a Google Gulp, you need the cap of someone else's Google Gulp. This is a parody of Gmail which was initially available by invitation only.

Gmail itself was released on April Fool's Day, and one gig of expanded storage space was also announced on April Fool's Day, causing some speculation that the announcement itself was a joke.

Google Romance

Google Romance
Screen Capture

Google Romance was Google's 2006 prank. It claimed to be a new Google dating service which would let users experience a free date peppered with unobtrusive contextual advertising. This parodies Google AdSense, which displays contextual advertising.

TiSP - Toilet Interent Service Provider

TiSP - Toilet Internet Service Provider
Screen Capture

Google's 2007 April Fool's Day prank was to introduce the "TiSP" service. TiSP is supposed to be a free wireless Internet service that is connected through the user's home toilet by flushing down the cables.

Gmail Paper

Gmail Paper
Screen Capture

Gmail Paper was a good-natured Google poke at people who print email messages out to read them. The fake service claimed it would print out Gmail messages with unobtrusive ads to cover the cost of postage.


Screen Capture

Continuing on the theme of space exploration, for 2008, Google went with "Virgle," an imaginary collaboration between Virgin founder Richard Branson and Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

The program would theoretically colonize Mars within 100 years, while traveling on a ship controlled by a super computer involving "Holistic Artificial Language interface visually mediated by a glowing red light." 

Gmail Custom Time

Google Custom Time
Screen Capture

Also part of the 2008 pranks, Gmail lets you send emails back in time, so they're no longer late. The fake service is limited to only ten emails, since any more than that and people would stop trusting the time stamp on their email.

Ms Pac-Man Maps

Ms. Pac-Man
Screen capture

 2017: Google Maps on Android offers you a chance to play Ms. Pacman on a random map by pressing the Ms. Pac-Man icon. In 2015, Google offered a similar prank with the original Pac-Man. 

Google Gnome

Google Gnome
Screen capture

 2017: Instead of Google Home, use Google Gnome for all of your outdoor needs. It's only slightly creepy. 

Chromebook Accessories

Cardboard accessories

2017: Google has a new line of accessories for Chromebooks, including Google Cardboard, selfie sticks, and armband holders for jogging with your laptop.

Google Cloud Goes Mars

Google Mars

 2017: Google is once again colonizing space as they open up a Google Cloud Platform office on Mars.

Google Actual Cloud

Actual Cloud

2017: Google will store your data in a literal cloud instead of just a figurative one. 

Haptic Helpers

Haptic Helpers

 2017: Google VR will hire workers to come enhance your VR experience by adding special effects like wind and smells. 

Bubble Wrap Keyboard

Bubble Wrap

 2017: Google Japan introduced a keyboard made out of bubble wrap. Poke at the bubble corresponding to the key and feed it into the keyboard reader. 

Translate Arrival

Translate Arrival

 2017: Google Translate announced that they were working on Heptapod B, the language from Arrival. 

Google Play for Pets

Google Play for Pets

2017: Google announced Google Play features designed to make it easier for your cats and dogs to use your phone.