Abit Support

How to get drivers and other support for your Abit hardware

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Universal ABIT Co., Ltd.

Universal Abit (previously called ABIT Computer Corporation) was a computer technology company that manufactured motherboards, routers, graphics cards, and other hardware.

Abit was acquired by Universal Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd. in 2006 and was dissolved three years later, in 2009.

Last we checked Abit's main website is still functional, to some degree, at http://abit.ws.

Abit Support

Abit provides technical support for their products through an online support website:

Although their main support website is still operational, the drivers, manuals, and support options linked to from below will probably not get you anywhere useful considering many, if not all, of the downloads contain broken links.

Abit Driver Download

Though downloading drivers for your hardware is best done through the manufacturer's own website, there are several other places to download drivers too.

Considering Abit's demise, using a free driver updater tool may be a better option than searching for drivers manually.

Another option is to try to find your Abit device drivers through NODEVICE. This website has direct downloads to motherboard drivers and display drivers for Abit hardware.

If you do want to try to download drivers directly from Abit's website, you can do so from their Download page. We weren't able to get many of the downloads to work but the few that did are available in ZIP or EXE format.

See How to Update Drivers in Windows for instructions if you're not sure how to update the drivers for your Abit hardware.

Abit Product Manuals

Like with the driver downloads, we were not able to get many of the product manuals to download, but you may have better luck. You can try to download these manuals, guides, and instructions for your Abit hardware via this download page on their website.

One alternative source for Abit motherboard manuals is ManualsLib. Not all of their manuals are available here but you might find the one you're looking for. Just search for your specific Abit motherboard model number to find the PDF version of the manual.

Abit Forum Support

I'm not sure how useful it'll be but this forum exists as a way to communicate with other Abit users, hopefully at least somewhat helpful when you have questions or need help about your Abit hardware.

Abit used to provide email support and phone support (via 866-049-2350876 #23913), but neither seem to work anymore.