Ability Office Suite: A Mid-Range Office Software Suite for General Tasks

Ability Office is an office software solution with general functionality. Priced in the mid-range tier, Ability Office 6 offers a familiar user interface. Users who do not need as powerful or complex a tool as Microsoft Office, for example, can save a bundle by using a solution such as this.

Find information to help you decide whether its features would fit your needs. If you are considering it, review all terms on the official Ability Office site before making your purchasing decision.

Operating Systems

Ability Office is compatible with a few PC-based operating systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

What’s New in Ability Office Version 6

If you’ve used Ability Office in the past, you may be wondering what’s new with version 6.

A ribbon interface is one of the main cosmetic updates to this latest version of Ability office, though you can also opt for the traditional menu toolbars if you like.

From a functional standpoint, this version allows personal users convenient features such as unlimited installs, faster document response, and integration with the cloud via Dropbox.

The Company: Ability Software International

The Ability Office suite has been developed, but it has also been marketed by Ability Software International (ASI). Ability Office has an interesting history.

Integration with Microsoft Office Files

Compatibility with other office software suites is also typically stated in reference to the most popular office suite on the market, which is still Microsoft Office. In that regard, Ability Office is compatible.

While Ability Office 6 is compatible with Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Office 2007, and Microsoft Office 2003 and built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, be prepared for some things to not convert or to translate imperfectly, however. We really like that the Ability website includes this list of unsupported features.

The following Ability Office Programs are available, depending on the suite version you choose.

Ability Write

Create and edit word processing files compatible with .doc, .docx, and other file extensions.

Formatting tools, spell checking, images, tables, and other popular tools are included in this well-rounded word processing interface. You can also insert objects such as spreadsheets, and other advanced features.

Ability Spreadsheet

This robust spreadsheet is compatible with .xls, .xlsx, and other file extensions.

This program is a similar experience to other spreadsheet calculator programs you have used to work with data, numbers, and formulas. Included are some powerful features such as macros and pivot tables.

Ability Presentation

Ability’s slideshow program is compatible with both .ppt, .pptx, and other file extensions.

Again, this program will likely feel very familiar to veteran users of slide show presentation applications. From formatting to effects, you can create a dynamic message.

Ability Database

This database management program is compatible with Microsoft Access 2003 and earlier. For that reason, if you are a heavy databaser, you may want to look at another suite for more contemporary compatibility. That said, a lite user will enjoy helpful wizards, mail merge, an Advanced Query Designer, and Relationship Manager.

Ability Photopaint

This editor for images or photos is comparable with Adobe Photoshop, though not quite as complex. Layering, various tools, and effects allow you to create professional embellishments.

Ability Photo Album

Not everyone needs an additional digital graphics organizer, but this one comes with multi-window and property views you may be interested in.

Ability Draw

Draw allows you to create original vector images.

Ability Office 6 Suite Versions

Ability Office 6 is available in a couple of suite packages:

Try or Buy Ability Office Suite

Ability Office is available as a free 30-day trial. You can also buy Ability Office from the official download site.

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