A Wealth of New Content and Improvements Are Bound for Samsung TV Plus

You can even watch it on your refrigerator

Samsung TV Plus is getting a new look, a bunch of new shows, and you can watch it on your refrigerator now if you really want to.

The free streaming service for Samsung Smart TV customers, Samsung TV Plus, is getting another big update, this time adding a lot more stuff and kitchen appliance compatibility. Seriously, you can watch your favorite shows (or new shows) on compatible Family Hub refrigerators, specifically models 2.0 or above that were released after 2017.

Dark Theme on the Samsung TV Plus homepage


Beyond the possibilities of a fridge film fest, Samsung TV Plus is also getting a bit of a visual overhaul with a new logo and a new interface option. While the basic structure of the menus won't change, the app will be receiving a new Dark Theme that Samsung believes will make browsing easier thanks to its improved visibility.

Then there are the many, many shows Samsung plans to add to its lineup. US viewers can look forward to popular programs like Law & Order Special Victims Unit, NCIS, and the BBC's Top Gear. But Europe hasn't been forgotten either. The UK is getting America's Got Talent (2019 through 2022), and Das Boot has come to Germany in 8K. Meanwhile, Australia and New Zealand will be able to enjoy a new Throwback TV channel, which will house fan-favorite shows from the 80s, 90s, and 00s in one place.

A solid date for all of these changes and updates hasn't been set yet, but Samsung stated it plans to continue expanding its streaming service while keeping it free for Samsung TV users.

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