A Review of Zoho Docs

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Zoho Docs is an online suite of three office programs - a word processor, presentation program, and spreadsheet software - that combine together to make a great alternative to Microsoft Office.

Mobile apps are available from Zoho Docs, several popular file formats are acceptable so you can upload and edit existing files, files are saved automatically, and none of the programs are difficult to use.

More About Zoho Docs

Included in Zoho Docs is Writer (Word), Show (PowerPoint), and Sheet (Excel).

In addition to Zoho Docs, the Zoho website itself has more programs, such as an email client, calendar, instant messenger, notebook application, and ​an online file manager.


  • All three programs are easy to use
  • Automatic spell check in Writer
  • Fully supports all the popular office file formats
  • Your files can be saved back to your computer
  • Menus are organized nicely
  • Files are saved automatically
  • Able to share files with specific users as well as the public
  • Chat and comments are allowed on shared files
  • Files and folders can be uploaded as well as transferred from Google Drive
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS users
  • A desktop program is available to easily upload files to your account
  • Supports revisions to restore an older version of a file


  • Show and Sheet don't have a spell check feature
  • A size limit is placed on uploaded files

Zoho Docs File Formats

Zoho Docs fully supports the following file types, meaning that you can open and save back to these formats:


As you can see, popular Microsoft Office file formats are allowed in Zoho Docs, such as XLSX, DOCX, and PPTX.

In addition to the above, Zoho Writer also supports saving any of the word processor file formats to a PDF file.

Zoho Docs vs Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office has several programs included in its suite, some of which are similar to Zoho Docs and others that aren't, such as Access, which is a database program. The more popular office programs, though, are included in both - a word processor, spreadsheet program, and presentation software.

When looking at the two suites side by side, we see that MS Office doesn't support automatically saving files or keeping your files online by default while Zoho Docs does. However, Zoho Docs imposes a rather large limit on the size of files you can upload, whereas MS Office can load files much larger.

They both let you open and edit many of the same file types and also allow you to save your files back to your computer. Zoho Docs is unique here in that it can import files directly from Google Drive, whereas MS Office has no innate ability to do such a task.

All in all, you'll find that the differences in these two suites aren't held only in their online vs offline status but also their feature sets. They both have all the common text formatting functions in all three programs but they likely have many things that set them apart from each other.

My Thoughts on Zoho Docs

The obvious major difference in using an online office suite versus a desktop one is that you must have an active Internet connection. Another limit that may be overlooked is the file size restrictions that are usually set. With Zoho Docs, the max file size for importing existing files is 10 MB.

However, though Zoho Docs is used completely within a browser, it's hardly lacking any features. All three of the programs that you import objects, use standard text formatting tools, and even share your files with others, which is hardly an option for desktop office programs.

There are also some more unique tools you don't find anywhere else, like sending email attachments directly to your Zoho Docs account. This would be helpful if you need to edit a file you've received over email.

I'd easily recommend Zoho Docs to anyone looking for a nice set of programs that you can use from any browser, as your files are saved online automatically, accessible from anywhere, and the programs are easy to learn and natural to use.