A Review of Zoho Calendar

How to Use and Share Zoho Calendars

Screenshot of Zoho Calendar in Google Chrome
The Week View in Zoho Calendar.

Zoho Calendar is a free online calendar that comes from the same people that make Zoho Writer, Zoho Mail, Zoho Docs, and more.

Not only is Zoho Calendar a fantastic online calendar that is incredibly functional, it also looks great.

Using the Zoho Calendar

Your Zoho Calendar events can be viewed by day, week, month, work week, or as an agenda, giving you lots of flexibility on how you want to view your calendar.

Creating events in Zoho Calendar reminded me a lot of creating them in Google Calendar — you can make it simple or get extremely detailed if you want.

This is done by either clicking on a day and defining a title and time, or clicking on a time and choosing a title. Either way, you can always open the event for more details so you can change the color scheme of the event, choose how often to repeat it, include a description and/or URL, and choose when and how (via email or popup) to remind you of the event.

Zoho Calendar also has a very handy feature called Smart Add that lets you quickly type in an event and to have it added to your calendar with little effort. I was amazed at how well this worked for me. For example, you can type "Birthday Party 10/15" or "bday party Oct 15 2PM" to quickly add an event for a birthday party on October 15th.

Sharing Zoho Calendars

You can set a Zoho calendar to be private or public only, or you can share it with individuals. Options for sharing a calendar can be found in the Settings > My Calendars section. Just click the Share link next to a calendar to open its settings.

When a Zoho calendar is set as public, you can set it up so recipients can only see if you're busy or free during an event, but not the event details. Alternatively, you can share the calendar with the public and let anyone and everyone see all the event details. With either option, you can also enable "event requisition" so that recipients can send you an email request to include you in an event.

Zoho Calendar supports the iCal format, which means you can share a calendar's .ICS file with others. There's also an HTML link you can share, which is just a specific webpage where others can view your calendar online without using any special calendar software.

Accessing Zoho Calendar

Besides the fact that Zoho Calendar is web-based and you can access it anywhere, you can also save a PDF version of the calendar to see the events even without an internet connection. Doing this won't let you update the calendar, but it is helpful if you want to share or save a static snapshot of the events.

Zoho Calendar can easily be synced with Microsoft Outlook to make transitioning over very smooth.

You'll find a great mobile site (mobile.zoho.com) that you can access on your phone and tablet computers to give you full calendar access while you're on the go.

Accessing a friend's public or private calendar means you can see their events alongside your own. You can do this by entering their email address or iCal calendar link. There's also a list of country-specific holiday calendars that you can subscribe to.

More Zoho Calendar Options

In your Zoho Calendar settings are various options that let you customize your calendars beyond the default settings.

You can change the theme and font size of your calendar events, adjust the date and time format, choose a default calendar view (week, month, etc.), define what day of the week should be start of your calendars, and choose what days of the week constitute a work week.

Another option I find useful is being able to automatically define non-working hours as time when you're busy. For example, you can say that your work hours are between 8 AM and 5 PM, and while you may be busy during that time frame for various events, you're always busy for every hour before 8 AM and after 5 PM. This is useful if your calendar is focused around your work schedule only.

You can also set up your Zoho Calendar account to automatically accept event invitations if you're free. This means if one of your events would conflict with an invitation, you would automatically deny that so that yours takes precedence.

What I Think About Zoho Calendar

I just can't get enough of Zoho Calendar. It's easy to use, looks great, and has a ton of options that include sharing, reminders, and invitations. I also love the simple video tutorials they provide to help me with any functions I can't figure out myself.