A Review of Vladstudio

Picture of a frog on a green surface from Vladstudio
A Free Wallpaper at Vladstudio. © Vladstudio

Vladstudio is hands down my pick for the best free wallpaper site. With unique wallpapers you won't find anywhere else and an easy to use website you'll be able to have a great looking desktop in a matter of minutes.

Unique Wallpapers On Lots of Subjects

Where Vladstudio really shines is it's offering of hundreds of unique wallpapers on a variety of different subjects.

Vladstudio offers unique wallpapers that were all designed by the digital artist Vlad Gerasimov. The free wallpaper here is unlike any other wallpapers you've seen, and trust me, that can be a very good thing. Even better these unique designs are all in high quality which makes the designs really pop.

While many digital artists can get caught up in one subject matter that's not the case at Vladstudio. You'll find holiday, landscape, nature, whimsical, urban, grunge, abstract, and music wallpapers. Believe it or not, all of this is only on the first few pages you'll browse through.

More of A Journey Than a Destination

If you want to search for a specific wallpaper you'll need to scroll to the bottom of the page to the tucked away search box. There are also some tags that you can click on of popular keywords to help you narrow down the field.

There are no categories and if you don't want to use the search box, you can only browse by newest and most popular wallpapers.

While I would love to see some general categories used at Vladstudio, I don't mind taking the time to browse though pages and pages of these wallpapers because they are just so gorgeous to look at. It can really be a journey all into itself and I often fall in love with a wallpaper that I probably would have never searched for otherwise.

Add the Wallpapers to Your Desktop With Ease

Once you narrow it down to the wallpaper you want to add to your desktop, simply click on the image and the recommended wallpaper size for your computer will be displayed. Add the wallpaper to your desktop and you're done.

If you'd like a different size of wallpaper than the one that shows up then just scroll to the bottom of the page and choose which one you'd like.

What's Free and What's Not

All the basic sizes of wallpaper for single-monitor computers, mobile devices, and iPhones are free at Vladstudio.

There's a premium account you can purchase for a nominal fee that will give you access to all sizes of wallpaper including those for large monitors, iPads, dual-montiors, and even triple-monitors for either 3-months, 12-months, or a lifetime.