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Free wallpapers for your computer, phone, or tablet

Vladstudio is a free wallpaper website with lots of unique wallpapers you won't find anywhere else. Plus, even as a free user, you can download up to seven premium wallpapers that normally cost.

Beyond regular wallpapers for your computer monitor are Facebook cover photo wallpapers and wallpapers that work on nearly any device, including your phone or tablet. They're sized perfectly to look great on a multitude of screens.

Unlike some wallpaper download sites, Vladstudio is really easy to use and free from clutter, so you'll be able to have a great looking desktop, home screen, or lock screen in just a few minutes.

Vladstudio wallpapers

Unique Wallpapers On Lots of Subjects

Where Vladstudio really shines is it's offering of hundreds of unique wallpapers on a variety of different subjects.

Vladstudio's wallpapers were all designed by the digital artist Vlad Gerasimov. The free wallpaper here is unlike any other wallpapers you've seen, and trust me, that can be a very good thing. Even better is that these unique designs are all in high quality, which makes the designs really pop.

While many digital artists can get caught up in one subject matter, that's not the case at Vladstudio. You'll find wallpapers in categories like maps, space, kids, music, and Christmas.

Finding Wallpapers Is Easy

If you want to search for a specific wallpaper you'll need to scroll to the bottom of the page to use the tucked-away search box. Otherwise, you can click the categories at the top of the screen to find wallpapers that follow a specific theme.

If you're viewing a wallpaper category, you can sort the list of free wallpapers by newest, popular, or free. All of them are presented with a large thumbnail so that you know exactly what you'll get before you choose to download it.

How to Get Free Wallpapers at Vladstudio

You can download any of the free wallpapers immediately. However, since there are also premium wallpapers on this site, not everything you see is free to download. There is one exception: every free user gets seven premium wallpapers for free.

If you make a free account, you can get any seven premium artworks at no cost. The premium account is $9.99 and gives you access to all the premium artworks and the option to save all of them to your computer at once.

Here's how to get free wallpapers from Vladstudio, including the seven premium ones:

Download Wallpapers

Anyone, with or without a user account, can get wallpapers from Vladstudio by following these steps:

  1. Select the wallpaper you want to download. If you're looking for just the free ones, be sure to choose free as the filter, or click here.

  2. Scroll down past the preview and choose Download wallpaper.

    Vladstudio download wallpaper button

    If you want, you can download a different size by choose Change size. On that screen is an option to choose the device you want the wallpaper to fit (e.g., Apple iPad or Huawei Mate 10), or the screen resolution (like to span two or three monitors).

  3. Save the wallpaper to a folder on your device.

Now that you have the wallpaper downloaded, you can change the wallpaper on your computer/phone to start using it.

Get Premium Wallpapers

To get your seven free premium wallpapers from Vladstudio, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the signup page and choose Sign up FREE.

  2. Enter your email address and then select Create your account — it's free!.

  3. Choose Continue.

  4. Click the link in your email to confirm your address.

  5. Type your name and enter a password, and then choose Save changes.

    Vladstudio user profile settings
  6. Find a premium wallpaper. They're the ones with the small lock icon at the top of the preview.

  7. Scroll down the page and choose Unlock to download wallpaper.

    Vladstudio Sketchy, Unfocused wallpaper download page
  8. You can now save the wallpaper to your device.

All of your premium, unlocked wallpapers are linked in your user account.

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