Viewster Review

Free movies and TV shows online

Viewster closed down in September 2019. There are lots of other places to find free movies if you're looking for a Viewster alternative.

Viewster is a video streaming website that provides an easy way to find free movies, trailers, and TV shows, and you don't even have to create an account to watch them.

Below is our review of Viewster, where you can read about the quality of its movies, the advertisements, information on the mobile apps, and more.

Browsing Through Viewster Is Very Easy

Screenshot of the Viewster homepage showing free movies and shows

On the homepage, Viewster's TV shows and films are organized in a horizontal reel that you can click through to reveal more movies. It provides a very condensed browsing experience but still lets you view the details of the video, like the synopsis, rating, and duration.

With that being said, this might be seen as a downfall for some people who prefer to see a vertical, full-page list of movies, like on YouTube.

You can sort videos by the ones that were most recently added, the most popular ones, or the best-rated movies/TV shows. Videos can also be filtered by language — English, German, French, or Spanish.

Viewster also lets you look through the videos by genre. Out of over 15 genres are ones like Sci-Fi, Drama, Action, Romance, Horror, Crime & Gangster, Documentary, Thrillers, and Classics.

Most Videos Are Less Than DVD Quality

The resolution of most of the videos on Viewster are less than or comparable to the quality of DVD movies. However, from the HD button on the bottom of any video, you can change the quality (if supported), like from 360p up to 720p.

One of the films we tested was missing the last half hour, which is certainly a downfall. This may have occurred on this one movie only, though, so that can't be used to comment on the rest of the films on Viewster.

Viewster's Player Options

Screenshot of the video quality options on a Viewster video

The video player options on Viewster are very slim compared to more advanced players offered by similar websites, like Crackle, which let you watch a movie with subtitles. Some videos have subtitles hardcoded in the video, but even those can't be shut off, so the options are limited.

With Viewster, aside from having access to regular video streaming options like scrubbing and volume control, you can merely enter full-screen mode and adjust the video quality.

Below every video is a full description of what the movie or show is about as well as the release date, runtime, and genre. Further down the page are movies Viewster recommends to you based on the one you're watching right now.

Advertisements Are In Every Movie

Each movie we watched on Viewster had occasional one-minute advertisements throughout the video. For most people, this is probably entirely acceptable given that each movie is absolutely free to watch.

Buffering Experience

Every movie takes just a few seconds to get going, both from the beginning as well as once you fast-forwarded to the middle. It's only a few seconds, though, which isn't a bad deal.

We mention this only because it's noticeably slower than most other movie streaming sites we've used. This speed, however, depends heavily on not only the website itself but your connection to it, and the speed of your computer.

Viewster's App Is Much Like Its Website

Viewster has a free movie app for many different devices, and while we only tested the iPhone app, the design and menu options appear to be nearly identical to the desktop version of the website. This is nice because once you get used to the website flow, you don't have to also become accustomed to a modified mobile version.

You can view TV shows, movies, a biography of actors, the history of movies you've already watched, and add movies to a Watch Later queue.

A password-protected parental control option is available so you can define the MPAA rating of movies that will display on the app, such as PG-13, G, NC-17, etc.

You can also log in to your Viewster account through the mobile app, but you aren't required to before watching the videos.

Viewster: Final Thoughts

All things considered, Viewster has some positive things that set it apart from other similar sites, but also some disadvantages.  

Of course, we love that every single movie on Viewster is free to watch. Unlike Yidio, which combines free and paid movies together, you can be sure that anything you see on Viewster is totally free.

With that being said, the quality of many of the videos seems to be less than acceptable when comparing them to those from other free movie streaming sites such as SnagFilms and Crackle, some of which are high definition.