A New 'M1X'-Powered Mac mini Is on the Way

And it could be here as early as this fall

Current Intel-based Mac minis are on the outs, with a new Mac mini model powered by the "M1X" chip on the way.

In the latest issue of his Power On newsletter, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has revealed that the next Mac mini is set to replace the current Intel models. The new hardware will make use of what's being referred to as Apple's "M1X" chip (an unofficial name), which is a step up from today's M1 chip. He also states that the new Mac mini is expected to release "in the next several months," possibly hitting as early as this fall.

Mac Mini


While there are no official details or images available yet, Gurman says that the new Mac mini will receive an updated design to go along with the updated internals.

The new Mac mini also reportedly will include more physical ports than the current model, though what the additional ports are for hasn't been specified.

It's not known yet if the new Mac mini will be released in the same condition as current models. Which is to say, you might have to purchase a monitor, keyboard, and mouse separately from the Mac mini, itself.

Mac Mini interface


If you're upgrading, however, you'll probably be able to use your current setup and just swap-in the new Mac mini. You even could try using your old Mac as a monitor.

Pricing details haven't been revealed yet, either, though the new Mac mini will likely cost at least a bit more than what's available now (between $699 and $1,099). But without any additional hardware information, it's purely speculation.

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