Baby Sign Language Free Resources

Free resources such as charts, flash cards, and printables

Picture of a woman teaching a baby sign language
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You'll want to keep these baby sign language free resources handy if you currently are, or plan to use sign language with your baby.

Baby sign language is commonly used for deaf and hearing children as a way to teach them to communicate before developing speech. The babies love being able to let you know what they want and you'll love being able to know what they need.

There's a wide variety of baby sign language free resources below including basic sign charts, printables,  informational articles, videos, apps, flash cards, and dictionaries. Everything to get you started or keep you going teaching your baby sign language.

If you're looking for more general information about teaching baby sign language, here is some great information on using sign language with your baby and tips for getting started.

Are you looking to learn sign language? Here's a list of free online sign language classes and free sign language resources perfect for parents.

Baby Signing FAQ: A handful of frequently asked questions about baby signing, like why you should teach it, when you should start, how long it may take, and how much time you need to set aside.

12 Easy Steps: This website is a great resource for teaching your baby sign language. There’s an introduction to explain what baby sign language is, tips, and video instructions to learn the language. There’s also a free printable page to teach your baby letters and associate them with sign language and images.

10 Starter Signs: 10 basic signs you should teach your baby, such as more, all done, eat, mom, and dad. A video is available for each one as well as a printable flash card for offline studying.

600+ Common Signs: Includes over 600 common words categorized alphabetically. A video is available for every single one of them so you can see how the sign is performed, as well as printable flash cards for offline learning. A printable chart is also available that includes some of these dictionary words, and they’re combined with the 10 starter signs from above for an easy to read 6-page set of 24 common signs.'s Sign Language Lessons: Though a bit fast paced, has a nice collection of starter signs, key phrases, foods, greetings, and other videos showing how to sign more things, like the alphabet.

Quick Reference Guide: See a 3D baby sign over 30 words with a quick click of the mouse. You can sort the signs alphabetically, grammatically, or by difficulty.

Baby Sign Free iOS App: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users can install Baby Sign Free to learn over 30 signs for free on the go with short video tutorials and a quiz. You can learn over 200 signs if you purchase the full version of the app.

My Smart Hands Baby Sign Language Dictionary iOS App: This app is also available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users, but it offers around 120 free signs that you can search through or browse by category. Each sign has a video accompanied with it that shows you what the sign looks like as well as what to do with your fingers and hands.

ASL Alphabet Flash Cards: Individual flash cards that can be printed at once and easily cut out to learn every letter of the alphabet.

Large Video Dictionary: This dictionary has a massive collection of words that you can search for and browse through by topic. Each sign is shown to you as a video.

Tiny Signs: Tiny Signs is a website dedicated to helping you teach your baby how to sign.  There are some items you have to pay for here, but you can check out the free videos and charts for baby sign language at bedtime, bathtime, and the playground all for free.