Top 802.11g Wireless Broadband Routers for Home

These wireless routers for home networks employ 802.11g technology.

802.11g wireless broadband routers support higher speeds and more options than older 802.11b routers. If upgrading from 802.11b, you should notice faster file sharing and printing, and you can add more computers to an 802.11g network without bogging it down.

802.11g routers are not as fast or full-featured as newer 802.11n wireless routers. However, when you consider their solid performance, overall capabilities, and more affordable pricing, an 802.11g router may still be right for you.

The WGR614 router continues Netgear's tradition of attractive, powerful home networking products. Owners have remarked on the WGR614's great signal range, a key feature in homes with brick walls or similar obstructions. No device is perfect, though, and some have reported intermittent problems (presumably firmware related) that may require resetting the WGR614 router occasionally. Netgear offers a three-year warranty for the WGR614, and their customer support receives positive comments.

Some owners of this Linksys router have reported a clean installation, good performance and signal range, and helpful customer support. By contrast, some other WRT54G owners report serious problems or instabilities in these same areas. Because Linksys updates their router firmware often, it's important to keep the WRT54G firmware revision current to ensure maximum stability. Linksys sometimes holds a price advantage; strive to buy the WRT54G for less than competing models.

The F5D7230-4 supports Macintosh and Linux/Unix systems in addition to PCs. Belkin's Easy Install Wizard is designed to get F5D7230-4 owners wirelessly connected to the Internet in just a few minutes. Included with this product is a free six-month subscription to a Parental Control service that filters Web content. Belkin also provides their Lifetime Warranty for the F5D7230-4.

The Buffalo AirStation 802.11g wireless router is not as well known in the USA as competing brands. Some owners have reported that the setup interface on this product is difficult to use. Once installed, however, the G54 should provide good performance. Purchasing an external antenna separately may be necessary to improve range. Buffalo uses some of the same core technology found in comparable Linksys products. Buffalo may have an edge over some competitors in quality of customer service.

Some 802.11g compatible wireless routers utilize special technology to accelerate connections beyond the standard 54 Mbps performance level. Rated at 108 Mbps, these products only offer a speed increase in certain situations and often carry a higher price tag than other 802.11g products. More »

If you are on a tight budget, the best wireless router may not be the newest or have the most features. Some routers that are discontinued or older models still offer solid functionality and performance. Follow the link to browse a selection of bargain routers in this category. More »


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