Do You Need a 600 Mbps Wireless Home Network Router?

Home network equipment based on the new Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac has been on the market since last year, but the first wave of products didn't support the technology's full potential. Though it won't be available in stores until October, the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi AC1900 Router is a good example of a top-end 802.11ac router, featuring an impressive 600 rating Mbps for legacy N (802.11n) clients to go along with 1300 Mbps (1.3 Gbps) on the AC side.

Older 802.11ac routers only supported 300 or 450 Mbps on the N side, an important difference as most Wi-Fi client devices today are only N capable. This Linksys router currently retails for USD $249. Do you need the extra performance enough to pay that much for a router?

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