5G: The Latest News & Updates

The latest and greatest that's happening in the world of 5G

New 5G information is released daily from around the world. Some companies are starting 5G trials in new cities, others are announcing when customers can order their new service, and some businesses are releasing new ideas for how 5G can change the way we live.

5G availability is limited right now, with relatively few locations having a live, non-demo, subscriber-based network up and running. However, many companies are constantly expanding to launch a full-blown 5G network for customers to use.

Below is all the information you need to know to stay on track with how 5G is progressing around the globe.

5G Releases and Trials

Illustration of 5G trials

Many companies around the world are announcing where 5G can be used right now.

5G Phones and Other Hardware

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Essentially all new smartphones come with 5G abilities now; forecasts predict that nearly 60% of phone shipments worldwide will be 5G by the end of 2022. Some mobile carriers are offering 5G hotspots so that customers can get on the new network with their 4G devices.

New 5G Use Cases

Girl with virtual reality headset


A new era of 5G-enabled products is beginning. A few practical use cases for 5G include interconnected smart cities, mobile augmented reality and virtual reality, and device-to-device communication.

5G Research and Other News

Illustration of research and analysis with papers and a magnifying glass

5G isn't yet as ubiquitous as 4G, but that doesn't stop businesses from planning how they can capitalize on it. Companies are developing ideas on how they can use a 5G network or device; some could even prove to be a good investment if you get in early.

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