Overview of the Toshiba 58L8400 and 65L9400 4K Ultra HD TVs

Image provided by Toshiba

The 4K Ultra HD TV bandwagon keeps expanding, and Toshiba is definitely playing a part. In fact, it has just announced new newest entries, the 58-inch 48L8400 ($2,499.99), 65-inch 65L9400 ($3,999.99).

The Basics

Both sets incorporate Toshiba's own CEVO 4K Quad-Dual Core Processor for accurate processing of both native and upscaled 4K content sources that built-in edge and detail enhancement, color restoration, and UltraClear Dynamic Noise Reduction.

While the 58L8400 is LED Edge-Lit, the step-up 65L9400 incorporates, what it refers to as a Radiance 4K Full Array LED Backlit panel, which is designed to deliver twice the brightness of traditional LED backlighting systems, as eell as providing deeper blacks via "Quantum Black" local-dimming, as well as the display of a wider color gamut.

To solve the inherent problem of LCD TVs in providing smooth-looking fast motion images, the 58L8400 and 65L9400 employ Toshiba's ClearScan technology, which combines screen refresh rate with backlight scanning. In the case of the 58L8400, the set provides a 60Hz refresh rate with LED backlight scanning to produce 120Hz-like motion processing, while the 65L9400 provides a 120Hz rate with backlight scanning to provide 240Hz-like motion processing.

On the connectivity front, the 58L8400 and 65L9400 both incorporate HDMI ver 2.0 inputs, which allows the acceptance of 4K 60p signals and HDCP 2.2 copy-protection, but, in addition, Toshiba has also incorporated built-in H.265/HEVC decoding for access to 4K streaming content, such as is offered by Netflix.

Network and Streaming

In addition to their 4K Ultra HD capabilities, both sets feature Toshiba's Cloud TV platform (now referred to a SmartTV Cloud Portal) that provides easy access, control, and organization of network and internet-based content.

Also, the sets provide built-in Wifi, Miracast, and WiDi wireless connection options for easy content access from both network/internet sources and compatible portable devices and PCs.


Although I always strongly recommend that HDTVs and 4K Ultra HD TVs (especially large screens) be used with an external sound system for best viewing experience, both the 58L8400 and 65L9400 incorporate what Toshiba refers to as a "Labyrinth Speaker System", which consists of internal speaker module with a folded section that provides a fuller sound reproduction. Also, internal sound is also enhanced with DTS Premium Sound processing (combines TruSurround, TruBass, TruVolume, TruDialog, and Depth Rendering) , as well as Sonic Separation (makes dialog and vocals clearer against background sounds).

What Is Missing

However, as much as Toshiba's L8400 and L8400 sets pack in, I was informed by Toshiba that neither set is 3D-compatible. This is disappointing as both of these sets have all of the high-end video processing, color, and brightness capability required to display an exceptional 3D image.

I have had the opportunity to view 3D (passive and active) on several 4K Ultra HD TVs and although the 3D-source material is 1080p, the added 4K upscaling, in combination with improved 3D brightness settings on newer 3D TVs that offer it, really make for a good 3D viewing experience. Also, there is a steady flow of 3D content available both on Blu-ray Disc and online for consumers to watch (home shot 3D photos and video also provide further viewing options). In addition, at the suggested price points for these sets, the cost of including 3D as part of the feature set would be minor.

On the other hand, many consumers will probably not have an issue with the lack of 3D capability, due to various reasons (perceived discomfort, having to wear glasses), but those that do desire the ability to watch 3D, at least on occassion, and are shopping for a 4K Ultra HD TV, will have to look elsewhere.

For more details on Toshiba's new L8400 and L9400 series 4K Ultra HD TVs, check out the Official Toshiba 4k Ultra HD Product Page.