Vizio Officially Announces 2015 4K Ultra HD M-Series TVs

Vizio 2015 M-Series 4K Ultra HD TV Example. Image provided by Vizio

Dateline: 04/15/2015
Updated: 04/28/2015
Updated: 12/11/2015
In a recent post, I reported on some initial details on Vizio's forthcoming M-Series 4K TV line-up for 2015, as obtained by HD Guru. However, Vizio has now come forth and formally announced features and pricing for the M-Series line with brings the benefits of 4K down to mainstream price points.

First off, the M-Series line comes in 9 screen sizes, ranging from 43 to 80-inches.

In addition 4K resolution, all of the new M-Series sets will continue to incorporate LED Full-Array backlighting with 28 (43-inch set) to 32 (rest of line) Local Dimming zones for more precise brightness control of individual objects and more even black levels across the entire screen surface.

- The 43 through 55-inch sets incorporate a 120Hz refresh rate, while the 60 to 80-inch sets feature a 240Hz refresh rate.

- All M-Series sets are Smart TVs that come equipped with Vizio's Internet Apps Plus for access to an abundance of audio and video streaming content offerings, including 4K streaming from sources such as Netflix. To access to streaming content convenient, all of the sets incorporate both Ethernet and Wifi connectivity.

- For additional streaming support for 4K content, including Netflix, as well as forthcoming 4K streaming from Amazon Instant Video, UltraFlix3, and more, all sets feature built-in HEVC H.265 decoding.

- For added operational support, all sets incorporate a V6 Six-Core Processor(6 Core CPU).

- On the Audio side (although I always suggest using an external sound system for the best TV and home theater viewing experience), all sets incorporate a built-in audio system utilizing DTS Studio Sound.

The model numbers and price rundown of all of the sets in Vizio's 2015 M-Series are as follows:

M43-C1 (43-inches) - $599

M49-C1 (49-inches) - $869

M50-C1 (50-inches) - $899

M55-C2 (55-inches) - $999

M60-C3 (60-inches) - $1,499

M65-C1 (65-inches) - $1,699

M70-C3 (70-inches) - $2,199

M75-C1 (75-inches) - $2,999

M80-C3 (80-inches) - $3,999

So, how do you like those prices? I think they are pretty good - with 4K display resolution capability, full array backlighting, and Smart TV features, these sets are definitely worth checking out.

In addition to Vizio's M-Series, also check out my recent reports on Vizio's 2015 Reference Line 4K Ultra HD TVs, as well as their 1080p E-Series LED/LCD TVs, and Sound Bars.